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All show orders require pre-payment to hold the order for pickup at the show

Fall 2017

Michigan Alpacafest

Michigan International Alpacafest

October 7th-8th

Dimondale, MI


Empire Alpaca Association

Empire Alpaca Extravaganza

October 19th – 21st

Syracuse, NY


NEAOBA Fall Alpaca Show

NEAOBA Fall Alpaca Show

October 20th – 22nd

Syracuse, NY


American Alpaca Show

American Alpaca Showcase

October 27th – 29th

Des Moines, IA


illinois alpaca showIllinois Alpaca Show

October 27th – 29th

Des Moines, IA


Ohio Alpaca Breeders AssociationOABA Alpacafest

November 4th – 5th

Tallmadge, OH


Pennsylvania Alpacas ownwers and Breeders associationPAOBA Breeders Showcase

November 10th – 12th

York, PA


virginia alpaca owners and breeders associationVAOBA Alpaca Expo

November 17th – 19th

Doswell, VA