Feeding Equipment

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  • Hay Bag Basic

    Hay Bag – Basic


    Basic Hay Bag, Ships in assorted colors of red or blue.

  • Fence Feeder – 6qt



    • Same Heavy Duty Construction As The Of-20 But In A Smaller Convenient 6-Quart Size
    • Has Molded In Plastic Bracket To Fit Snuggly Into 2 X 4 Rail
    • Heavy-Duty Design and Construction
    • Great for feeding grain or supplements
  • Heated Bucket

    Heated Flatback Bucket



    • This heated bucket is great for horses, alpacas and llamas, goats, sheep & even large dogs

    • It has a capacity of 5 gallons (20 quarts)

    • The flat back allows it to be conveniently hung on a wall or in a stall

  • 5 Qt Poly Feed Pan Assorted Colors

    5 Qt Poly Feed Pan


    • 5 Quart Plastic Mini Pan
    • Hdpe high density polyethylene plastic

  • Mineral Feeder Mf-2 Black

    Mineral Feeder Mf-2 Black


    • Two Independent 1 Quart Sized Compartments Designed To Administer Feed Supplements, Mineral and Vitamins

    • Permits Free Choice In Feeding

    • Flanges On Both Top and Bottom Of Feeder Make For A Sturdy Installation

  • Muck Bucket 70qt Assorted Colors $5 SHIPPING ADDER 1

    Muck Bucket 70qt Assorted Colors $10 SHIPPING ADDER


    • Excellent All Around Bucket. Large Capacity (70 Quarts) With Extra Heavy Wall Construction, This Handy Bucket/Basket Is Ideal

    • For Toy Storage, Carrying Laundry, As An Ice Chest, You Name It

    • Double Handle Design Molded Side Handles, Plus Heavy-Duty Ropes. Fortalloy Construction


  • hay bag red

    Hay Bag Mesh


    Feeding hole is positioned low for ease of eating & reduced waste Well ventilated to reduce dust Easily attaches to stall or trailer Great for travel! Mesh Style Bag, Available in choice of 4 colors

  • Wall Bracket  WB-20

    Wall Bracket WB-20


    • Patented Aluminum Bracket Specially Designed To Hold Flat Back Buckets Securely Against A Wall Or Post, Indoors Or Outdoors

    • Bail Pin Locks Bucket In Tip-Free Position

  • Wall Mount Bucket Hook

    Wall Mount Bucket Hook


    • Used To Conveniently Hold Your Bucket While You Work Or To Hold The Bucket In Place For Food Consumption By Your Animal

    • Keeps Items Out Of Your Horse S and Your Way To Prevent Injury

    • Anchor To Wall