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We stock only GENUINE Bayer brand Baycox
Don’t be fooled by knock off brand, look-a-like products calling themselves Baycox.
If someone is selling a product that isn’t in an original Bayer brand Baycox container stamped with a batch number and a manufacturer date (see photo) it isn’t the real thing made by Bayer.
We have confirmed with Bayer that they DO NOT sell any bulk Baycox for repackaging and they recommended not using the product.
We have evaluated the knock off products and have found them to be of a very different consistency and of questionable quality at best.
Treat your animals with only the BEST and only GENUINE Bayer brand Baycox from Light Livestock Equipment & Supply.

You may want to use LyteRyte30 with any wormer

Effects of Wormers
Wormers are medications which contain pesticides toxic to worms and other parasites. Unfortunately, the chemicals designed to kill these parasites also change the way your livestock’s body processes the wormer.

The Benefits of Electrolytes
Electrolytes are necessary for cells to function correctly. Only when the livestock’s body chemistry is stabilized can you ensure effective circulation and kidney function to route the drug through your livestock’s system as well as eliminate bile and waste products as quickly as possible.

Lyte-Ryte™ is Your Solution
Feeding your livestock Lyte-Ryte™ is the most effective way of ensuring adequate consumption and rapid absorption.

Only Lyte-Ryte™ delivers enough electrolytes with the speed necessary to help your livestock’s body reap the full benefit of wormers or medications. For more information, see Click Here.

Check with your vet before using any medications on your livestock!