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Evans Minerals & Nutrients

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Light Livestock Equipment is now the source for all of your Dr. Evans’ Mineral & Nutrient Needs!

Fiber Nutrients update:

Jonathan, Thank you for being a source of supply for Fiber Nutrients to our clients and for your recent order. Starting with your next order Fiber Nutrients will appear in an extruded form (like cereal) in an effort to prevent breakdown during shipping & handling. The formulation has not changed but the presentation will appear different. If you desire, I will be glad to supply an explanation sheet to accompany each bag or a stick on explanation. With questions or concerns, we can supply my cell phone or email. Your call if any. Thanks, Doc Evans

“I am very pleased that Light Livestock Equipment has elected to accept phone and internet orders and service the alpaca and llama breeders that have been serviced by LAMA Wellness Service for the past 20 years…Your service to the whole United States and Canada will provide service to about 1300 customers that use these products. I will now be able to spend more time providing consultation to those elite breeders striving to maximize their fiber quality. Feel assured that these products have stood the test of time and are prepared in the safest of mills.”
– Norm Evans, DVM

Vitamin Mineral Blend-E is a balance of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes formulated for alpacas to be used as a tool to provide nutrients deficient in the forages. This product provides an additional source of selenium deficient in most forages and not legally available in most alpaca supplements.

Fiber Nutrients was formulated with ingredients thought to help strengthen the animal’s immune system and it has increased IgG’s considerably when supplemented to gestating females. Healthy alpacas produce healthy fiber and this spin off is appreciated by many breeders who show their alpacas.

Animals cut back on their water intake when the water is unpleasantly cold. Dehydration is followed by reduced appetite. The end result is animals with urinary bladder infections, constipation, and in extreme cases, complications leading to abortion or even death. Often the supplements are blamed, but the lack of water and feed intake precipitate the problems.

WINTER TIPS: When the temperature is below 25 degrees F for more than 48 hours, the forage and supplement should be 25% more. Maintain the water temperature at 45-48 degrees F for at least 12 hours a day. Add apple or cherry flavored electrolytes. This can be done all year.

Good morning Michael,
Just want to say “thank you” for your prompt service; ordered vitamin e blend Monday afternoon, received Wednesday:-). Great customer service!!

While the shipping costs cause it to be $20.00 more per bag, I will gladly order from you as my local supplier is totally careless, won’t stock it, can’t get it for weeks, forgets to order when I call & give them “heads up” that’s I’m running low, etc. I don’t expect them to care for my pets, although I certainly do, but I do expect them to behave professionally since I buy hundreds of dollars worth of feed, supplements, etc from them each month.

I appreciate your professionalism and superior customer service; good job!

Trish Tyler-Davis