Biting Fly Trap

BiteFlyFor those irritating flies that bite! You know the ones: they get you on the ankles and most anywhere skin is exposed.
And they pester your livestock all day long!

  • Completely non toxic, odorless and easy to use.
  • Effective in high infestation areas.
  • No baits.
  • No electricity.
  • Catches up to 5,000 flies per trap.

Dr. D.F. Williams (USDA) discovered that biting flies are attracted to a
special fiberglass panel exposed to direct sunlight. Our Biting Fly Trap uses this
same fiberglass in combination with our STIKY SLEEVE to produce a highly
effective and inexpensive trap. When placed 70 – 100 feet apart our trap significantly
reduces fly populations around beaches, stables, zoos, kennels, golf courses,
swimming pools, compost piles and any area where biting flies are a problem.
When trap is full simply replace with a fresh STIKY SLEEVE.


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Used by:
National Institutes of Health
Southwest Kansas Research – Kansas
Brookfield Zoo – Illinois
Lake Farm Park – Ohio
Shipwreck Museum – Michigan
Vermont Egg Farm – Vermont
Dept. of Health – Ohio
Package includes:
fiberglass cylinder, wooden stake, two large paper clips, two brass fasteners and two replaceable STICKY SLEEVES.

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