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Fly Tape

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Simple, Safe & Effective
  • Non-Toxic, environmentally sound
  • Contains no insecticides or pheromones
  • “Captured 92% of available flies” USDA tests
  • Easy to install, readily disposable

Knocks out the Fly Population
Unlike hanging fly ribbons, Sticky Roll is naturally attractive to flies. They look for thin surfaces to land on, and they rise with warm updrafts towards the rafters of barns and enclosures. Flies land on Stocky Roll and become entrapped only to attract more flies. Soon the breeding population is virtually eliminated. Sticky Roll should be left in place for the entire fly season to protect against repopulation.

Sticky Roll Deluxe Kit with Pulleys
For large enclosures such as barns and arenas, we recommend the 1300’ fly tape (FLYTAPE) and hardware (FLYMOUNT). The hardware kit consists of everything you’ll need to install the tape: brackets, hardware and pulleys for installing a network of tape as shown to the right.

Non-Toxic, Environmentally Sound
Sticky Roll is a specially designed glue tape on a roll. That’s it. No added insecticides or attractants are required. It is environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, won’t irritate if touched, and is easily removed with vegetable oil. Used reel is thrown away, flies and all.

Constant, Cost Effective Fly Control
A dramatic alternative to spraying and fogging, Sticky Roll gives effective 24-hour fly reduction, without the constant work and mess.

InstallationFor best results, install tape within 6 inches of the ceiling above your fly population and away from breezes. Use the 81 foot Mini-Kit for a quick reel-to-reel setup. For a large enclosure, use the Deluxe Kit and install a pulley system in a pattern that best fits your space. Some Suggestions: