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Cedar Fly Trap

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This picture shows the strength and sturdiness of our Heavy Duty Cedar Fly Traps. Pictured is Bogdan from LLE who makes the fly traps by hand using his power and that of the sun. Bogdan and his family are totally off the grid so the fly traps are made with 100% solar power! And the fly traps use solar power to get rid of thousands of flies too!

Hate Flies? Try one of our Heavy Duty Cedar Fly Traps!

Our traps are MADE WITH SOLAR and use the sun to get rid of the flies!

Handsome and effective.

Rugged construction, skillfully crafted from decay resistant cedar (instead of regular softwood) using screws (instead of staples) for a durable long life. Removable clear Plexiglas top keeps the rain out and provides for easy emptying.

12” x 12” x 12” nominal dimensions.

  • No ODORS
  • No Poisons
  • YES Reusable

Captures and dehydrates thousands of flies. Safe around pets and kids!
For control of adult and migrating fly populations.
Use Anywhere Effective Fly Control is Needed!

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: No chemicals or pesticides, use safe natural baits to attract flies.

A GREEN PRODUCT: Earth friendly . . . uses wood which is a renewable resource. Hand-made with off-the-grid solar power.

REUSABLE: Reduces unnecessary landfill clutter and expenses associated with disposable traps, fly paper, and pesticide containers.

BUILT TO LAST: Skillfully crafted from decay resistant cedar using screws for a durable long life. With proper use, will last many years.

EASY TO CLEAN: No disgusting liquid mess. Empty out dehydrated flies, and trap is ready to be used again.

LITTLE OR NO SMELL: Flies are dehydrated eliminating the smelly mess associated with water filled traps.

EFFECTIVE: Will catch thousands of flies.

Non-toxic bait & bait tray included. Ships complete and ready to use after mixing bait. Plexiglass top keeps the rain out of the bait tray below and makes for easy dumping of dead flies.
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I just bought one of your Cedar Fly Traps. I put it out this morning and before I could walk away from the trap the flies were swarming it. Within an hour it had several hundred flies in it and I am a believer. It is the best! Just put in my order for my second one. Thanks for your continuing great service. Love doing business with you all.

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Cedar Flytrap

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