Fly Parasites and predators

  • No Side Effects
  • Long term Fly Control
  • Natural – Reduces Chemical Use

Fly Parasites/Predators kill flies in the pupa stage, before they hatch into flies. These beneficial insects are tiny wasps that are about the size of a fruit fly & do not sting people or mammals. They specialize in killing flies. They are naturally occurring & widespread in low numbers. They just need reinforcement in numbers to exert fly control where fly breeding is abundant.

IPMFlyCycleDeploy the “Smart Bomb”

Parasitic wasps are so focused on their prey, Dr. Chris Geden of Cornell University’s Department of Entomology has likened them to “Smart Bombs” – living only to seek out & destroy fly pupae.
Stable managers who target only adult flies are missing more than 95% of the problem, and will lose the battle against flies. The reason is that a single mother fly has likely already laid at least 500 eggs before she dies. So, even after the adults are dead, there is a good chance that the stable will remain a productive fly factory.

Release the Fly Parasites throughout the fly season every week or every other week. See the recommended release schedule below. Place the Parasites near manure piles, in stalls and areas of the paddock where the livestock tends to congregate. Also place the Parasites in areas where moisture encourages maggots to appear. Shortly after the maggots form pupae, the Fly Parasites will attack them. Click here To Read More…

FLY PARASITE SCHEDULES (shipping cost included)
Orders are needed a week in advance of first ship date
A host pupa contains 1 to 8 fly parasites, depending on the species. Shipments arrive between Wednesday and Friday.

Schedule #Horses #Light Animals #Host Pupae #Parasites #Shipments Frequency
A 1 to 9 1 to 15 5,000 > 10,000 10 Every Other Week
B 10-19 16-29 10,000 > 20,000 10 Every Other Week
C 20-39 30-50 10,000 >20,000 20 Weekly

For Best Results – Start 2 weeks before last spring frost is expected
Orders are needed a week in advance of first ship date
Parasites will ship on Monday via Priority Mail with normal delivers in 2 to 3 days, so that they will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday

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