Camellidynamics Halters & Leads

Which came first…

CAMELIDynamics or the Gear?

Shortly after Marty began teaching her translation of TTEAM to the camelid community, she quickly discovered much of the gear available was not well designed, did not fit and was often counterproductive to the training effort.

It is terribly hard to pay attention when your shoes are too small. Marty knew with gear designed to fit and communicate with her camelids, the results were bound to improve. So she started sketching and her business partner, Perry McGee, started stitching. The Zephyr Farm product line was born.

Every Zephyr Farm catch rope and lead rope is hand-made by Perry McGee with each rope individually hand-spliced and lock-stitched. This attention to design, detail and quality ensures your Zephyr Farm gear will have a very long and useful life.

Perry and Marty work closely together to develop new products with a fine team of four-legged product engineers to test them out. When not busy shipping, counting, stitching, prototyping and ordering, Perry operates Zephyr Farm Lama Sanctuary Inc. and provides homes for many needy creatures.

Sizing System for Alpacas

We are very proud of the versatility, safety and workmanship of the Zephyr Halter, which continually gets rave reviews. However, based on customer requests for a wider range of fit, we are moving from a three–size system to a four–size system for alpacas. Rest assured, the new sizing is only going to improve the utility and versatility of the Zephyr Halter.

Extra small Fits from 3– 6 months or smaller, more delicate heads.
Small Fits most weanlings up to 8-10 months
Medium Fits large weanlings, yearlings, most adults.
Large Fits larger animals especially larger males with more wedge shaped heads.

A huge amount of variability exists between animals of the same species and age, therefore, so sizing guidelines are approximate. There is also a deliberate overlap between the sizes. If you own one of each size halter of the appropriate species, you can fit any animal safely and comfortably

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  • Alpaca Halter


    Zephyr alpaca halters are proportioned to be safe and comfortable and designed to be effective as a tool of communication. Llama halters come in 4 sizes and 7 colors. – See more at:

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  • Alpaca Halter Extra Small


    Extra Small Fits from 3 – 6 months or smaller, more delicate heads.

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  • Halter Training/Catching Rope – 12′


    This is a wonderful tool for catching your llamas/alpacas and teaching them to wear a halter. The catch rope is made of nylon marine rope with a solid brass hook hand spliced in one end with a brass ring attached to the rope. This training rope can be fashioned into a pre-halter that is easier for young or frightened animals to accept.

    Color: white.

    ITEM ENHANCEMENT! For those of you that are challenged by knots, we have added a ring to the catch rope that takes the place of the overhand knot. This ring acts as a slider and can be easily removed if you prefer to adjust the rope the old way.

  • Zephyr Show Lead 7′




    7′ long, flat lead 5/8″ nylon webbing (the same width as the Zephyr halter)

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