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Sopris Halters & Leads

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The Sopris X Design

Easy to use

  • Stand-up nose band won’t flop to cause haltering problems
  • No clutter of adjusting buckles
  • Simply tighten or loosen the crown strap for adjustment
  • Won’t restrict movement—each halter size automatically adjusts to a wide range of nose sizes


  • Won’t slip down and tighten on your llama’s nose
  • Noseband pressure actually decreases as the lead is tightened
  • Gives clear communication during training sessions and shows
  • Strong enough to withstand restraint and sudden surprises
  • Subtle and classy for shows


  • No offset edges or uncomfortable hardware next to your llama’s face
  • Just loosen the crown strap to allow for comfortable chewing
  • Tighten crown strap to enhance control and communication during training, showing, and restraint


Sopris halter baby:
Fits nose circumferences of 6” to 8”: small crias. 5/8″ Nylon webbing in Black

Sopris halter small:
Fits nose circumferences of 8” to 10”: crias up to about 6 months. 5/8″ Nylon webbing in Black

Sopris halter medium:
Fits nose circumferences of 10” to 12”: alpacas 6 to 12 months old. 5/8″ Nylon webbing in Black

Sopris halter large:
Fits nose circumferences of 11” to 13”: adult aplacas 12 to 24 months old. 5/8″ Nylon webbing in Black

Sopris leads:
POLY5BK – 5 ½’ long x ½” diameter poly rope lead.
SHOWBK & SHOWBE – 5 ½’ long x 3/8” diameter poly rope lead.