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Recent studies have shown Frontline to be effective on mites on alpacas.
Suggested treatment: every three weeks for a total of four treatments

      Spray all sides of legs from fetlock joint down to toes nails


    Treat other areas as needed, use other application means that spray in sensitive areas such as under tail and eyes

250ml size spray is generally enough for one treatment of 5-6 adult alpacas, 500ml size spray treats 10-12 alpacas one time

Frontline spray is thought to be safe in alpacas including late term females and even nursing mothers (avoid Frontline contact with udder while cria is still nursing)
Avoid use in early term pregnancies.

Check with your veterinarian for details

We sell only genuine Merial brand Frontline spray.
Be careful of counterfeit Frontline products available on-line elsewhere!