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  • 4″ Vetrap Bandaging Tape


    (Syrvet, Inc.) 4″ x 5 yards stretched (4″ x 2.2 yards unstretched) self-adhesive bandage with 8 lbs. tensile strength.

    Color choices: Green, Hot Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple

    • Protects horses’ legs from rundown
    • Great for wrapping tails on expectant alpacas and llamas
    • Firmly supports sprains and fractures
    • Protects wounds and holds sterile dressings in place
    • Applies pressure to inhibit bleeding while flexing enough that, when properly applied with padding, it won’t compromise circulation


  • ALL PURPOSE LUBE GEL – 1gallon


    * $4 handling fee added at checkout




    Best Seller

  • Alpaca / Llama Nutri-Drench – 16 OZ


    • Nutri-Drench For Alpacas and llamas Provides An Energy Burst For Weak Newborn cria

    • Stimulates Appetite and Increases Milk Production

    • It Is The First and Only Oral Supplement To Rapidly Absorb From The Stomach Directly To The Bloodstream

    • Nutri-Drench Is A Natural, High Energy Source Containing High Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Glucose

    • These Nutrients Support Life and Are Needed To Quickly Restore A Non-Functioning Immune System

  • bag balm 8 oz

    Bag Balm – 8 OZ


    Use Bag Balm for Chapped Conditions and Superficial Abrasions.
    • Salve Originally Intended To Soothe Irritation On Cows Udders
    • It is used as a treatment for chapped and irritated skin on humans and can be found In Drug Stores and Farm Stores.
    Petrolatum. Lanolin.8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate 0.3%, Paraffin Wax

  • BETADINE - 16 OZ

    BETADINE – 16 OZ


    • Betadine Solution Is The Aqueous Solution Of Povidone-Iodine 5%
    • It Is A Fast-Acting, Broad-Spectrum Antiseptic That Kills Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria
    • It Is Indicated For Degerming Skin, Wounds and Mucous Membranes, and For Preoperative Skin Preparation Of Patients

  • Blood Stop Powder – 16 OZ


    Best Seller

    • A Powder Formulation Used As An Aid In Controlling Minor Bleeding Caused By Superficial Cuts, Wounds and Dehorning

    • For Use On All Animals

    • Apply Powder Freely To Bleeding Surface

    • Repeat As Needed. Sary

    • Bandage If Necessary


    Ferrous sulfate 7h20. 84. 0% ammonium alum 5. 0% chloroxylenol 1. 0% tannic acid 1. 0%.

  • Cria Kit

    Cria Kit


    Best Seller

    A must for new breeders. Great gift for new breeder clients! Our cria kit contains all the essentials for breeding and birthing crias! There are 22 different items in our Cria Kit ALL IN ONE TOOLBOX.

    “I have all of these items in my vet room and have used them all at one time or another. Some items we hope not to ever need, BUT if you need it you need in NOW so it is great insurance to have these items on hand.”

    Jay Ward, AuSable Valley Alpacas

    Each Kit Contains:

    1 – 18G x 1in needle, 6 pack

    1 – 20G x 1in needle, 6 pack

    1 – 3cc Luer Lock Syringe 3pk

    1 – 6cc Luer Lock Syringe 3pk

    1 – Vitamin ADEB12 Oral Gel 80ml

    1 – Nolvansan 16oz

    1 – Offset Graduated Bottle 22OZ

    1 – Bulb Syringe

    1 – CRIA COAT

    1 – Sav-A-Caf Colostrum Supplement

    1 – Eco-Fast digital thermometer

    1 – Sav-A-Caf Electrolyte Plus 6OZ

    1 – 60cc Syringe & Feeding Tube

    1 – All Purpose Lube – 8 OZ

    1 – Navel Clamp

    1 – Large Exam Gloves – 10/pk

    1 – OB Shoulder Sleeves – 10/pk

    1 – Pritchard Nipple 2PK

    1 – Utility Scissors

    1 – Stethoscope

    1 – Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1oz

    2 – 4″ x 5 yd. Cohesive Flexible Bandage

    1 – Series 2000 Toolbox

  • Dr. Naylor Blu Kote Aerosol

    Dr. Naylor Blu Kote Aerosol


    • Fast Drying Antiseptic and Fungicidal Aerosol Spray For Surface Wounds, Abrasions and Ringworm. Aerosol Spray
    • Treats Fungus Infections, Surface Wounds, Cuts, Galls, Chafes, Abrasions, Moist Lesions, Itchy Fungus, Eczema and Sores
    • Clean and Dry Affected Area
    • Incase Of Serious Burns Or Deep Wounds, Consult A Veterinarian

  • Eco-Fast digital fahrenheit-only

    Eco-Fast digital fahrenheit-only


    Best Seller

    Safe, fast and accurate for vet use. Range of 90deg F to 109.9deg F. Water resistant, break resistant and child-safe probe. 200+ hours of operation with the 1.55V button battery. A signal sounds when peak temp is reached, in approximately 10 seconds.

  • jumpstart microbial gel

    JUMPSTART – Oral Microbial Gel


    Oral Microbial Gel that provides a healthier microbial balance. Helps keep animals on feed during stress. Aids in digestion of nutrients for maximum efficiency. Multi Species product.

  • Lamb / Alpaca Resuscitator / Aspirator


    Easy to use 3 piece set up.

    Directions printed right on the hand pump for fast access & action.

    Kit Contains:

    Performance tested resuscitator

    Aspirator Mask

    Resuscitator Mask

    Carrying Case


    2 year Warranty

  • Liquid Vet Tissue Adhesive .1fl oz

  • N-Dex Nitrile Gloves


    N-DEX® Exam Gloves, The original N-DEX® glove, the Blue Nitrile, is a 4 MIL no-powder disposable glove. This ambidextrous glove features 100% nitrile for higher puncture resistance and is 9 1/2″ long. Nitriles are a good alternative for medical users allergic to latex. Three sizes POWDER-FREE, packaged 100 per box.

  • Navel Clamp

    Navel Clamp