Microchip Readers

Destron Pocket Reader

Pocket Reader The Pocket Reader is a compact, easy to use, battery powered radio frequency device that reads and identifies electronic microchips. The Pocket Reader incorporates many user driven features and is designed specifically for use with companion animals. All operation of the Pocket Reader is performed with one simple function button.

Features & Benefits

 • Conforms to ISO: The Pocket Reader can be programmed to read all transponders which conform to ISO DIS 1 1785, including Annexes. Actual programming may vary according to need.
RF Surround: The reader’s antenna is designed to surround the transponder in a high intensity magnetic field. This optimizes reading performance with the transponder in any operation.
Identifies multiple vendors’ microchips: The Pocket Reader will read and display all Destron * Fearing transponders ID’s as well as identify the existence of transponders made by other companies.
Pocket size: The reader fits easily into either hand of a male or female operator. The unit is lightweight and can be conveniently stored.
Battery level indicator: The Pocket Reader automatically displays battery power level. As battery life is decreased, the LCD battery display will reduce in size.
Battery powered: The unit operates on four universally available AAA batteries.
Low cost: This reader is affordable for any ones needs.

NEW Destron Fearing: DTR-5 Hand-Held Reader
DTR5 User Manual

DTR5Introducing the new and improved version of our popular DTR- reader. A rugged and versatile radio-frequency RFID reader, the new DTR-5 with Internal Bluetooth allows operators the freedom to scan and store more than 100,000 tag numbers virtually anywhere they choose. Additionally, a vibrating alert system has been incorporated into the handle to facilitate the tag reading process in noisy environments or in situations where visual confirmation is difficult. ISO compliant and reads both FDX and HDX EID tags.

Kit Includes:
• DTR5 Reader
• EID Tag Manager Software
• Battery
• Battery Charger
Pro-Kit Includes:
• DTR5 Reader
• Data/Power Communications Cable
• Rechargable 7.4 VDC Li-Ion Battery
• Fast Battery Charger
• Hard Storage and Carrying Case
• EID Tag Manager Software

Spec Sheet
Universal & Portable microchip reader
The iMax reader does not read the Bio-Thermo type chips

This Swiss-engineered reader is a universal reader iMax Bio-Thermo chip readerand is in full accordance with ISO Standard 11785. With the ability to read both 125kHz and 134.2kHz encrypted chips. ISO FDX-A/FECAVA (Destron/Avid), FDX-B, Trovan, this reader is truly the most universal reader available today.
With the combination of high performance and low cost, the iMAX Black Label Reader is an unbeatable reading device. It is homologated by the European Community (CE) and USA (FCC).

 Reader Deluxe  Destron Reader iMax
 Chips scanned  Destron, SmartChip, DataMars and all other 15 digit/134..2 kHz microchips as well as AVID and all other 125 kHz microchips Destron, SmartChip, DataMars and all other 15 digit/134..2 kHz microchips as well as AVID and all other 125 kHz microchips  Destron, SmartChip, DataMars and all other 15 digit/134..2 kHz microchips as well as AVID and all other 125 kHz microchips
 Frequency scanned  125 kHz or ISO 134.2 kHz  125 kHz or ISO 134.2 kHz  ISO 134.2 kHz
 Read distance  Up to 15 cm  Up to 7 cm  FDX-B up to 15cm
FDX-A up to 7cm
HDX up to 20cm
 Batteries  Battery Pack  4 AAA  9 volt Alkaline
Battery lasts about 1000 readings
 Size  49.5 cm(L) 7.6 cm(W)  170 mm(L)    80 mm(W) 32 mm(H)  300mm(L)124mm(W)44mm(H)
 Weight  70 grams  308 grams  360 grams
 Operating temp  -25°C to
 0°C to +50°C  0°C to +50°C
 Auto Off  Yes  Yes  After 90 seconds


This is a Microchip
This is a Microchip
Microchip insertion video
Inserting a Microchip

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  • iMax chip reader

    Compact Max – Universal microchip reader


    Best Seller

    ■ Top of the line reading distance in a pocket size form. Wide reading field up to 12 cm.

    ■ Universal reading capability: Compact Max can read FDX-B(ISO), FDX-A/Fecava microchips

    ■ High quality materials. 2 year standard warranty, ISO 9001 and ISO 11784/11785 certified

    ■ Reads through all non-conductive materials

    Click here for the User Guide

  • Global Pocket Reader Plus



    Best Sell Item Best Seller

    Reads both Destron & AVID as well as all other microchips.


    Operating Frequency: 125 kHz or ISO 134.2 kHz

    Case Size: 170 mm L x 80 mm W x 32 mm H

    Weight: 28 oz

    Color: RAL 7032

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Operating Temperature: 0-50C or 32-122 F

    Humidity: 10 – 90% (non-condensing)

    Storage Temperature: -20to 65C or -4to 149 F

    Batteries: 4 size AA 1.5-volt alkaline batteries

    Display: 16-character LCD

    Output Port: Serial field-programmable port

    RS 232 Port: Compatible