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Mesh Panels & Gates

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Freight orders ship via tractor trailer. Someone will have to meet the driver to help unload. The driver is responsible for getting it to the end of the truck. Please remember that the truck will likely be a tractor trailer that may not travel up a driveway or other small roadways. The customers may be asked to meet the truck at the end of a driveway to unload.

The 4’ and 5’ high lightweight, durable panels and gates are portable and interchangeable. The mesh construction provides for safety and a clear view of your animals.

Each panel and gate has connectors on each end of the panel that are integral to the panel. No separate hardware is needed to connect one panel to the next. There is a pair of male connectors on one end of the panel and a pair of female connectors on the other. The actual length of each panel is 2″ less than the nominal length. Thus a 4′ is 3’10” and so on. If connecting panels in a row remember that you lose another inch if not 2″ when connecting each panel. i typically suggest ordering 21′ of panels and gates for a 20′ run.

The connectors on our complete line of lightweight panels (4’ & 5’ high as well as mesh or bar style) are all located at the same height and therefore will all connect interchangeably.

The panels are available in a variety of standard sizes from 4’ to 10’ in length. We offer custom orders for sizes and colors.
Standard lengths for 4’ and 5’ high panels are: 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 9′, 10’.

The single handed latch system of our walk though gates provides security and ease of access. The gates utilize a pin & pipe hinge providing a 90º opening to either side. The gate hinges are secured to prevent an animal from lifting the gate free of the hinges.

The panels and gates are secured with a unique and easy to use “pin & pipe” inter-locking connector system.

Post/Wall Connectors are used to secure the ends of the panels to a post or wall utilizing the same “pin & pipe” connector system. The Post/Wall Connectors duplicate the end of a panel and receive the connection from the panel that is terminating at the wall or post. The Post/Wall Connectors are lagged to the wall or post using a standard lag bolt (not included).

Turn any panel into a lightweight gate
Install two gate hooks in a post or wall and hang one of our lightweight panels on them to create a lightweight gate. Two gate hooks are required for each gate and therefore should be purchased in pairs. Made of galvanized steel.

We also offer Travel Pens, which are lightweight and versatile. The pen includes five 4’X 5’ panels and one 3’ gate. These pens are wonderful for shows and fairs. They may also be utilized as a small quarantine pen for incoming animal to your ranch. The diameter of the pen when assembled is approx 8’ and the square footage within the pen is 50+ Sq feet.


Gypsy and Canela live on Inspiration Ridge Preserve in Homer Alaska.
Their website is their alpaca channel on YouTube: Gypsy and Canela’s Alpaca Channel


The triple loop allows for more flexibility in panel configuration in the barn. It also allows for ease of connecting multiple pens for shows or farm sales.

SKU Description Weight/ LBS.
44MP 4’H X 4’W MESH PANEL 18
45MP 4’H X 5’W MESH PANEL 20
46MP 4’H X 6’W MESH PANEL 22
48MP 4’H X 8’W MESH PANEL 27
49MP 4’H X 9’W MESH PANEL 30
410MP 4’H X 10’W MESH PANEL 33
54MP 5’H X 4’W MESH PANEL 20
55MP 5’H X 5’W MESH PANEL 22
56MP 5’H X 6’W MESH PANEL 26
58MP 5’H X 8’W MESH PANEL 33
510MP 5’H X 10’W MESH PANEL 40

Overall height of gate including support bar is 82 ½”


One handed gate latch, very handy when carrying hay, water or maybe a cria.


The round foot allows panels to be slid across a surface more easily. This is especially useful in the pasture setting where the old square foot will dig into the ground where trying to move pens around.

*Note all panels may not have new features as this is something new that we have added for you the customer. All panels will connect with any previously purchased LLE panels.