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Post/Wall Connectors are used to secure the ends of the mesh panels to a post or wall utilizing the same “pin & pipe” connector system. The Post/Wall Connectors duplicate the end of a panel and receive the connection from the panel that is terminating at the wall or post. The Post/Wall Connectors are lagged to the wall or post using a standard 5/16” or 3/8” lag bolt (not included). Length of lag bolt will depend on installation conditions and is to be determined by installer however 1 ½” minimum is recommended. Click on the connectors in the above picture to see an enlarged picture of each connector


Post / Wall Connectors9002M (top) is the Y shaped pin, lower connector for the female end of the panel

9101F (middle) is the double pipe, upper and lower connector for the male end of the panel

9001M (bottom) is the one w/ the movable pin, upper connector for the female end of the panel

Note: the lag bolts are not included with the connectors but can be purchased above.

The lower post/wall connector for the female end of the panel (9002M) is installed with the hook pointing up. This allows the panel that is being attached to the post or wall to slide down onto the connector.

To estimate the number of post/wall connectors needed follow these guidelines:

Female end of a panel (two double pipe on end of panel) terminating at a wall or post requires
1)9001M and 1) 9002M

Male end of a panel terminating at a wall or post requires
2) 9101F (movable pin on top end of panel 9101F Upper and fixed pin on bottom end of panel 9101F Lower).

For larger jobs and quicker estimating:
Count the total number of terminations
Multiply the number of terminations
by the following:

  • .5) 9001M
  • .5) 9002M
  • 1) 9101F


  • 30 total terminations
  • .5 x 30 = 15) 9001M
  • .5 x 30 = 15) 9002M
  • 1 x 30 = 30) 9101F

This assumes that half of the terminations will be male and half will be female.
To be safe add a couple extra of each connector.
If you have a plan layout of your barn or paddocks where our panels and post/wall connectors will be used I’ll gladly estimate the number of connectors needed.

Turn any panel into a lightweight gate

Install two gate hooks in a post or wall and hang one of our lightweight panels on them to create a lightweight gate. Two gate hooks are required for each gate and therefore should be purchased in pairs.
Made of galvanized steel.

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