Weighing Pens

Create a weighing pen to make weighing easier. A weighing pen can be made using a 4’x5’ panel parallel to a wall with a gate on both ends. Pictured are both a mesh and bar weighing pen using 2 – 3’ gates.

We create a funnel or chute to herd a group of alpacas to be weighed into the Weighing Pen, letting them in one at a time onto the scale. After weighing, the alpaca is released out the other end.

This is all done with out the time and hassle to halter the alpaca, then trying to get them to stand on the scale for weighing. By using a weighing pen the alpaca is less stressed and once in the pen has very little place to stand but on the scale. By using panels to create an enclosure around the scale, the alpaca can see around them and are more relaxed. Minimal handling is required therefore most alpacas will easily stand long enough for a weight to be captured using the hold feature on one of our Salter-Brecknell scales.

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