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Beiyuan Combs & Cutters
Jeremiah Squier, Open Division Champion at the 2nd Annual Alpaca Shearing Contest, won the top prize with an Andis hand piece and a Beiyuan BB cutter and 94MB 9 tooth comb. He used same cutter on all 3 animals

“I am a believer in the Beiyuan brand”
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Beiyuan brand combs and cutter are made in China. LLE imports them directly from the manufacturer and passes the savings on to our customers.

Beiyuan is a respected brand in the shearing industries world wide with a strong presence in large shearing markets such as Australia and New Zealand. Pro shearers in the US and around the world use Beiyuan combs and cutters with great success.

All Beiyuan combs and cutters are hollow ground at the manufacturer so that are ready to use out of the package. To maintain bes performance be sure to hollow grind all combs and cutters.

Premier Combs & Cutters

All Premier combs and cutters are high quality products. Demand for Premier combs and cutters continues to increase with each passing year. There is no stronger proof of user satisfaction, product quality and value.

Our Beiyuan & Premier brand combs and cutters will fit our Heiniger/Andis LG-S 68000 and Premier 4000S shearing hand pieces as well all 4 point 3” hand pieces such as Oster, Lister, etc.

Tips From The Pro

Q – How do I minimize shearing cuts?
While a nick or two is normal and acceptable over the course of a day’s work, responsible shearers should strive to minimize skin cuts. There are several ways to accomplish this. I’ll speak in general at first then get specific…..(Read More)
Q – How often should I oil my shears?
The goal is to provide adequate lubricant to keep things moving along (literally) but not so much as to be wasteful or incur fiber contamination. One should always obey manufacturer’s recommendations in literature provided with…..(Read More)
Q – How can I reduce second cuts?
Good shearing can be broken down into about four principles…..(Read More)

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Some valuable tips on ordering combs and cutters & shearing:

  • Purchase 2 cutters per comb, the cutters generally wear faster than the combs
    1-2 alpacas on a comb & cutter isn’t unusual for a new shearer
    While there are other factors the biggest culprit for new shearers is usually “shearing too much air” rather than fleece.
    The hardware dulls less quickly in the fleece verses heating up while out of the fiber.
    My suggestion is to be as consistent as possible with you strokes and shut the hand piece off when not in the fleece as much as
    I get 3-5 alpaca on a comb on a good day & I know a few other that get more.
  • The 20 tooth comb is a safe comb to start with for one’s first time shearing.
    The 20 tooth comb has small spaces between the teeth and therefore is less likely to cause nicks. However a 20 tooth comb is a lot of comb to push through dense fleeces or as your shearing speed picks up.
  • The 13 tooth comb is a good all-around comb for the shearing of alpacas and llamas.
    It has fewer teeth to push through the fleece and therefore the shearer can move more quickly.
  • I suggest a first time shearer purchase one or two 20T combs to start and the balance 13T combs.
    Both combs use the same cutters.
  • Our Beiyuan & Premier brand combs and cutters will fit our Heiniger/Andis LG-S 68000 and Premier 4000S shearing hand pieces as well all 4 point 3” hand pieces such as Oster, Lister, etc.
  • A small amount of oil is helpful to break the friction to help the comb and cutter get started, after the shearers are running the oil is gone quickly.
    The Premier brand oil is clear & doesn’t create the mess sometimes created by the typical motor oil.
  • Be sure that the combs & cutters are sharpened on a beveled wheel only. See the Sharpening on a flat wheel will not provide as good a job and may frustrate the new shearer in particular.
  • I use and recommend Dave at Everblades Mobil Sharpening who is located in FL for sharpening.
    His address is:
    380 Waltham St
    Port Charlotte, FL 33952
    His telephone number is (941)249-2374 and his e-mail is
  • Figure 12-15 sharpenings per comb or cutter.

Some tips for cria shearing:

  • Cria fleece is fine as you know, therefore fresh, sharp gear and a bit of extra tension is in order
  • Also because of the fineness, the fleece needs to be as dry as possible to prevent it from “mushing” between the comb and cutter
  • I shoot for a 9-11am window after any morning dampness has dried and before they get sweaty from the summer heat
  • Any chasing of the cria may cause just enough sweating to make the cria fleeces harder to shear

A couple of tips for reducing the chance of the dam rejecting the cria:

  • I like to let mom watch right over my shoulder or very close by
  • I use limited amounts of oil to reduce the chance of the cria smelling really differently
  • I don’t shear much of the tail to again reduce the impact on the mom’s perception of the baby’s smell

Please call with any questions or for advice. 866-999-2821

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