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Fiber Processing

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Our Design looks simple , but don’t let its clean looks fool you! Like our previous unique products, Fleece-O-Matic has been engineered for safety and efficiency. Yes, we did the right thing and enclosed all of the dangerous belts and pulleys. We also removed heavy steel fabrication that is unnecessary to tumble light weight fleece! , ……literally, a box and a basket. But read on and see what Benefits you will find absolutely awesome from our new tumbler design.

-Significantly Lower shipping costs – Unlike other tumblers, Our tumbler has no heavy frame to ship, and the tumbler detaches into 2 components requiring 2 shipping boxes that UPS will deliver to your door. Savings can be $300-$400 over other brands.

-Eliminate fleece contamination by specifying designated “color baskets” . Example; Use 1 basket for white fleece ONLY, use a different basket for black ONLY, etc…. This is the ONLY tumbler on the market that was designed to accommodate this important facet of the fleece processors’ world.