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Shearing Restraints

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Top Gun Restraint Ropes
Top Gun Rope Instructions

Used by professional shearers for safely restraining alpacas and llamas for shearing. Can be used at other times when restraint is needed such as for medical procedures, teeth & nail trimming, etc. The restraint ropes were developed by the Aussie shearers for fast and effective restraint of camelids.

One set of the restraints of is fixed while the other uses a 3 to 1 pulley for mechanical advantage to stretch the alpaca or llama.

Use attachment points in the shearing area such as a post, wall or even a farm tractor or pick up. The restraint ropes utilize a heavy duty carabineer to allow the attachment to many different types of fasteners for anchoring.

High quality sailing rope is used for strength and durability. The pulley blocks, cleats and hardware are marine grade for easy function and long life.

The ropes are placed around the feet of the camelid above the ankle joint. The alpaca or llama is steadied by two people while a 3rd person “runs” with the ropes to stretch the camelid. See the instructions and video for more information.

Made exclusively for LLE by professional shearer Matt Best of Best Shearing services. Colors may vary.

Video: Top Gun Restraint System. Ropes and Mat sold separately

No assembly required

No assembly required

Top Gun ropes ready to go. Shown attached to the wall studs with MAT510 (sold separately).

Top Gun ropes ready to go. Shown attached to the wall studs with MAT510 (sold separately).


LARS – Large Animal Restraint System

SARS_BagThe Large Animal Restraint Systems is lightweight, easily set-up and stored compactly in a nice drawstring bag.

It is made with quality material that is very durable. The leg straps are made from tubular webbing to provide soft edges when on the animals legs. The tie straps are single ply nylon webbing making it easy to wrap around a post where an outside wall or fence may leave little clearance. A simple overhand knot is used to tie the strap in the ring (make sure the knot is pulled tight before using).

The rope ratchet is simple to use and can be released easily. This system works well in confined or open spaces.

A space of about 16’ works well for sheep & goats while at least 20’ should be allowed for Alpacas. If you need to extend the tie lines it can easily be done by using rope, webbing or a lead rope.

The swivel keeps the rope from twisting while in use and the double gate snap allows you to quickly disconnect when done shearing without having to release the rope in the ratchet. You can also disconnect one or two legs at a time to shear under them.

LARSThe Large Animal Restrain System (LARS) is made for alpacas & llamas.

Produced exclusively for LLE by Clint Goodwin of Clint’s Shearing.
Northport, WA
Cell Phone: (509) 675-2645

Instant Anchor - Click for Larger PictureWhat shearer hasn’t been in this situation?
A small breeder embracing the “easy care” philosophy of the 3-sided shed in the middle of a small acreage pasture. Great for keeping start up overhead down, and capital investments low.
Adequate in most situations except for major hands on management such as shearing.
Although the “Top Gun” rope restraint system is the best method for Alpaca restraint at shearing time, it does require two strong anchoring points. In the above situations, often time is lost finding or making due with inadequate or poorly spaced anchors.
The “INSTANT ANCHOR” now allows shearers to hook up to a solid, reliable anchor placed where they want it.
– Time saver, set up in less than a minute
– Fully adjustable to allow for different vehicle types
– Quality construction, worry free shearing
– Work close to your vehicle/toolbox
Designed and built by a shearer for a shearer.

Restraining Mats
for use with either the Pro-Tie or Top Gun Ropes

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Accordion Mat
5′ x 10′ x 1-1/2″ folding mat.
Used for high volume shearing.

Material Properties
Mat is made of a 16oz. fire resistant reinforced vinyl covering a 2lb. 1-1/2″ thick polyethylene foam. This combination provides a surface that offers stability suitable for the shearing and comfort of the alpaca and shearer. Accordion style folding mats offer a practical solution for transport and storage. The mat color is royal blue.

Our mat is made specially for shearing and does not have velcro edges.
16oz. polyester reinforced vinyl
1-1/2″ 2lb., cross linked polyethylene foam
23lb. test nylon thread
All seams double sewn