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Baycox – Coccidiocide 250ML


Active Constituents: Toltrazuril 50 g/L

Pack size: 250ML

Potential dose:

20 mg/kg (or 9 mg/lb) orally and repeat in 10 days.

Conversion for this concentration: 1 cc per 5.5 lbs body weight.


Baycox Piglet coccidiocide controls coccidiosis caused by Isospora suis infection of young piglets. Isospora suis infection is a major cause of diarrhea, dehydration loss of appetite, poor growth and occasional mortality in piglets between birth and 3-4 weeks of age. Baycox is effective in one dose because it attacks all stages of the parasite in the animal.

Toltrazuril, the active constituent of Baycox®, is active against all intracellular stages of coccidia. It interferes with the multiplication process and the energy pathways of the parasite. Baycox® Piglet treats and prevents clinical disease while allowing immunity to develop against coccidia.

Before using this product obtain a veterinary diagnosis for the cause of the diarrhea. Clinical coccidiosis of piglets appears from 5-30 days of age. Control of the disease is most effective when Baycox is given as a preventative before intestinal damage occurs and diarrhea begins. Therefore it is important to establish the correct cause of scouring in neonatal piglets, then treat all new litters at 3-6 days of age to control the disease.

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