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BEH1 Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case

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Ergonomically designed electric handpiece, with an internal gearbox for extra torque. It comes complete in a carry case with 2 combs (76LB9) and 4 cutters (BB45). Also included is a repair kit, spare cord, motor and shaft FREE with each unit.

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1 review for BEH1 Heavy Duty Shear w/ comb, cutter and case

  1. Adam Riley (Mr Clipper alpaca shearing) (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this machine. I professionally shear close to 3000 alpacas a year and this machine immediately replaced my Heiniger handpiece as my “go to” shearing machine. Its slimmer, quieter, and easier to repair. The only major advantage the Heiniger has over this machine is the floating fork tensioning system. The tensioning system on this one is much simpler, and requires a more delicate touch to hone in on the perfect tension. That being said, as it is a simpler system it has much less in the way of moving parts, which means maintenance and replacement of worn out parts is much easier. The kit also comes with a replacement motor and some of the other more vital parts, which essentially means you’re getting a second machine free. Overall a quality product that will last a long time if you treat it right.

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