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Beiyuan – 4.5mm BB Style 4 pt Cutter

From: $40.00

The BB style cutter has a wider base to the tooth that the AA.

Works well on all combs including the 9 tooth combs. Standard 4 point full thickness cutter (4.5mm) for use on all 3″ wide combs.

Jeremiah Squier, Open Division Champion at the 2nd Annual Alpaca Shearing Contest, won the top prize with an Andis hand piece and a Beiyuan BB cutter and 94MB 9 tooth comb. He used same cutter on all 3 animals

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1 review for Beiyuan – 4.5mm BB Style 4 pt Cutter

  1. mark kagie

    This is a excellent cutter, hope you get in soon.

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