CYDECTIN – Cydectin Oral Drench – 1 Litre


Can be used to treat Barber Pole (Haemonchus) in camelidsCan be used to treat Barber Pole (Haemonchus) in camelids

One must make sure to use Sheep Cydectin for Barber Pole Worm (Haemonchus). The alpaca must be weighed. Meds are dosed at the corresponding weight. When looking at the chart, find the alpacas current weight on the sheep weight chart. DOUBLE the sheep dose. One time dose. Tastes terrible! They do not like it. Make sure to administer firmly. Not uncommon for the alpacas to try and spit it out. Probiotics to maintain balanced gut enzymes is paramount to inhibit weight loss and upset rumen.  Recheck in 2 weeks.

Potential dose: 2ml per 11 lbs

As always, please check with your vet before administering any medications

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