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Fly Trap Yeast Bait


Fly Bait

Extremely effective and easy to use & formulated to attract flies using state of the art pheromone technology. Flies, driven by their compulsive need to reach the lure, are drawn into and captured by the trap.

•Attracts and Traps Flies, Indoors or Outdoors

•Just Add Water

•Environmentally SaferBait lasts for a month or more

Add water to freshen the bait in tray.

No nasty smelling powders to mix and store.

Bait is non-toxic to kids, pets and livestock.


1 review for Fly Trap Yeast Bait

  1. Jeanna Buisch (verified owner)

    It works great. We have several around our alpaca pastures. We use it in combination with the biting fly traps and they really do the job.

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