HD Cedar Fly Trap


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Hate Flies? Try one of our wooden solar fly traps!

Handsome and effective.

Skillfully crafted from decay resistant cedar for a long life.

Rugged construction.

Removable clear plexiglass top keeps the rain out and provides for easy emptying.

12” x 12” x 12” nominal dimensions.

  • No ODORS
  • No Poisons
  • YES Reusable

Captures and dehydrates thousands of flies. Safe around pets and kids!

For control of adult and migrating fly populations.

Use Anywhere Effective Fly Control is Needed!

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: No chemicals or pesticides, use safe natural baits to attract flies.

A GREEN PRODUCT: Earth friendly . . . uses wood which is a renewable resource.

REUSABLE: Reduces unnecessary landfill clutter and expenses associated with disposable traps, fly paper, and pesticide containers. With proper use, will last many years.

EASY TO CLEAN: No disgusting liquid mess. Empty out dehydrated flies, and trap is ready to be used again.

LITTLE OR NO SMELL: Flies are dehydrated eliminating the smelly mess associated with water filled traps.

EFFECTIVE: Will catch thousands of flies.

Non-toxic bait & bait tray included. Ships complete and ready to use after mixing bait. Plexiglass top keeps the rain out of the bait tray below and makes for easy dumping of dead flies.

Additional non-toxic fly bait available

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3 reviews for HD Cedar Fly Trap

  1. Carolyn

    This catches more flies than any fly trap I’ve ever had! You might have to give it a day or two for the flies to find it the first time you put it out.

  2. James

    Just got my Cedar Fly Trap today. I had been using some cheap foreign made ones, so was not sure about the price.

    While I am waiting on the included bait to ferment, I have put a can of cat food (which has done half way ok in my other traps). In just a few hours, I have caught 3x as many flies in this trap than my others! Can’t wait to see the numbers go up and up and up when the included bait is done fermenting!!!

    This trap will be sooooo much easier to empty!! My chickens will love eating all the dead flies!!

  3. Bruce Healey

    When I was a kid in the Middle East the local American Oil Company put these in all the public recreation areas. They worked! I have been searching for years for this model of trap. Believe me they catch all the flies in a given area! Even if you don’t think there are many files round, but see them in your house, this will catch ALL of them. It is amazing. Over time, in a residential setting the fly population will decrease SIGNIFICANTLY and risks to your health and wellbeing from them, as well.

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