Large Animal Restraint System


The Large Animal Restraint Systems are lightweight, easily set-up and stored compactly in a nice drawstring bag.

They are made with quality material that is very durable. The leg straps are made from tubular webbing to provide soft edges when on the animals legs. The tie straps are single ply nylon webbing making it easy to wrap around a post where an outside wall or fence may leave little clearance. A simple overhand knot is used to tie the strap in the ring (make sure the knot is pulled tight before using).

The rope ratchet is simple to use and can be released easily. This system works well in confined or open spaces.

A space of about 16’ works well for sheep & goats while at least 20’ should be allowed for Alpacas. If you need to extend the tie lines it can easily be done by using rope, webbing or a lead rope.

The swivel keeps the rope from twisting while in use and the double gate snap allows you to quickly disconnect when done shearing without having to release the rope in the ratchet. You can also disconnect one or two legs at a time to shear under them.

The Large Animal Restrain System (LARS) is made for alpacas & llamas.

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