Neonatal Care for Camelids


We (David, Toni, and Claire) are very excited to bring this long-anticipated text to life!

We hope you will enjoy reading and using it as much as we have enjoyed putting it

together. This text is offered as a tool to improve the understanding of reproduction and

neonatal care of llamas and alpacas. The authors have over 50 years of combined

experience with reproduction and health care of camelids. The text herein documents

much of this experience. Some information is useful to owners and breeders to improve

the reproductive health and maintenance of alpacas and llamas, some information is

intended to expand the knowledge and understanding of the physiology of these

magnificent animals, and other areas are intended for veterinarians providing care for

llamas and alpacas. This text represents our understanding of current research involving

llamas and alpacas, our opinions based on clinical experiences with over 50,000 llamas

and alpacas, and many years of diligence. Enjoy!

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