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Premier 4000S13T Interchangeable Shear Head Only


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NEW from Premier!

Two uses in one! Quickly and easily interchanges with our clipper head. Upgrade from the old style or replace a worn out shear head. Our improved “blue” shear head features a low-profile design, a suspended fork system, internal roller bearings, an advanced tension system and has no cutter retainer, which means it is more user friendly and has fewer parts to replace.


• Internal roller bearings instead of bushings (less heat, less wear and greater longevity).

• Sleek, low profile head design (sharp visual look that catches your eye and impresses observers).

• Suspended fork system (reduces risk of stripping the gear drive or breaking comb teeth).

• No cutter retainer or retaining spring (both caused hassles and broke too readily).

• Improved tensioning concept (spring clip is more effective at retaining tension than cupped washers).

• Tension column far superior in design, less small/individual parts to wear out.

• No more black plastic sides (these were prone to falling off and frustrating users).

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