SWAT Pink Ointment – 6 OZ


• Protects Wounds, Open Sores, Scratches and Abrasions From Dirt, Filth and Disease-Carrying Flies

• Botanically-Derived Pyrethrin Formula Repels House Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies and Horn Flies, and Kills Them On Contact

• Ideal For Use On Ears and Facial Areas

• Effective For Hours

• For Dogs, Horses and Ponies To Treat Superficial Wounds, Abrasions, Sores and Scratches


Active ingredients: piperonyl butoxide, technical*- 0. 5%//pyre- thrins i & ii-0. 2%//propylisocinchomeronate-1. 0%//inert ingredi-ents-98. 3%//*= equivalent to 0. 4% (butycarbityl) (6-propylpiper-onyl) ether and 0. 1% related compounds.

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