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Teaching Your Llama to Pack DVD


This video is actually three videos in one.

First, it is an update for those of you that like Marty’s approach to camelids.

Second, you’ll have a complete packing video with Stanlynn Daugherty of Hurricane Creek Llama Treks and Marty “TTEAMING” up to show you how to train an inexperienced llama to wear a pack, how to select and evaluate a pack, how to adjust a pack on a llama, staking your llama out, tying knots and lots more.

Third, the section called “Body Beautiful” will help you be your llama’s best friend. Learn how to groom your llama, the importance of shearing, how to trim toenails and bodywork techniques that will make you the light of your llama’s life—especially after a long day’s hike.

(75 minutes)



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