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Treating Your Llama Kindly DVD


Dr. LaRue Johnson of camelid veterinary fame and a long time supporter of TTEAM agreed to let Marty put her money where her mouth is. They worked together in the real world of getting the vet job done. Marty offered ideas for non-forceful handling while Dr. Johnson and students drew blood, performed rectal transabdominal and physical exams, gave injections and implanted microchips. They worked in a catch pen, a chute and a mini-catch pen with the research llamas at CSU veterinary school, a private ranch and with some of Dr. Johnson’s llamas. The video is designed to be helpful for both the veterinary practitioner, owner or helper.

All royalties from the sale of this video are donated to llama and alpaca research at CSU. Most of the animals in this video are llamas but the content is intended for both llama and alpaca owners. The techniques illustrated are equally useful for both species.

(64 minutes)



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