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TTeam Wand


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One ounce heavier a TON better! In an effort to both improve the performance and preserve the price of the Camelidynamics wand we have switched to a made in the USA manufacturer. The wands previously came from Germany. We were faced with a huge price increase to cover the loss of the value of the dollar and an increase in shipping costs. These new made in the USA wands are a good deal stiffer and slightly heavier making them much easier for herding and sorting and much better when we attached the clip to make a catching wand. I have used this new wand and find it to be better than the previous one for all alpaca and llama related tasks.

When used as a pair, two wands are invaluable for herding and sorting your animals. The wand allows you to touch and guide your llama/alpaca from outside his flight zone. By using the wand you won’t crowd your animals and make them nervous and reactive. These wands are ideal for leading, initial work with legs, teaching your llama to wear a pack and accept handling all over the body. They are especially useful for fearful animals. For herding and sorting you will want two wands. The fiberglass wand is 4’ long and white in color for greater visibility. The wand’s balance and stiffness set it apart from other options and make it much more effective for training. The wand features a flat button on the end rather than a handle, excellent for scooping up dropped lead ropes.

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