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Panels Configured at Asgaard Farm
Panels Configured at Asgaard Farm

We recently purchased our farm and were finally able to bring our 10 alpacas home (we had been agisting them for almost 2 years). We had done alot of research on keeping the stress level low for our alpacas and one of the first things we ordered were the green panels and gates. We ordered them so we could set up an area the alpacas could walk through for weighing and then complete herd health, all without haltering them. It worked so well that we actually got a weight on our older girl who was imported in 1995 and as far as we know, no one has been able to weigh, because the minute you halter her she kushes. We put a mirror outside the end of the scale and we could hardly believe it….she walked right into the scale and stood there looking at the alpaca in the mirror while we weighed her (that is one of the pictures….we had to record that moment in history!) and then we opened the gate at the end of the scale and she walked out to get a closer look at that alpaca and then joined the rest of the girls…all without any stress.

And then, we discovered how really versatile those panels in the barn are…..we can now separate the girls when they eat so the two that eat the fastest cannot get to the slower girls grain; and in the heat, that is their favorite place to hang out. We seem to keep coming up with new ideas for using panels and may even have to buy more soon! Thank you for making such a versatile, high quality product!

Sarah & Mike Conyer

Alpaca Dreams, LLC
Mike and Sarah Conyer
2714 Schloss Rd.
Louisburg, NC 27549
(919) 340-0070


Light Livestock Equipment has a long and strong relationship with Dr Steve Purdy, Director of the U Mass Camelid Studies Program.
LLE supports Dr Purdy’s efforts in the Nunoa Project by donating equipment such as an ultrasound, centrifuge, microscope, fecal parasite testing supplies and more.

NUNOA Photos

nunoaLight Livestock Equipment & Supply supports Dr Purdy and the NUNOA Project.

Learn more about this project to help a Peruvian Community and the children in its orphanage. (Click Here).

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Susan Brown
Batavia, IL

Hi Jay and Jonathan,

I was just on your website and found the pictures of our farm. I’m so happy that you could use them. The alpacas really love their barns and panels. We finally got around to painting the wooden boxes in the front, now you hardly notice them.

Here’s a little story about making a 2 X 6 “chute”. It’s shown in the second picture down on the left in my section of your photo gallery.

There is no restraint, it’s just a rectangle with a scale where they stand and I can get in there with them if I need to do any medical work. We brought a new alpaca to the farm and she was very hesitant to go into the chute to be weighed. So my girl, Firebird, kept going through it to show her how it’s done. I’d just say, “go to the scale, Firebird” and away she’d go. She did it about 10 times before the visitor got the nerve to follow. Now we play follow the leader and everybody gets weighed! I never thought of it as a game, but now they go in and out both doors so it’s really fun!

Thanks for the fabulous versatility and sturdiness of your products! You are definitely on the Links page of my website. I hope everybody finds out how helpful you are.

Marilyn Wentworth
Alpacas at Phoenix Hill Farm
Athens, Ohio

Alpaca Center of Rowley
Libby Tucker

Monaco Pines Alpaca Ranch, LLC
Cynthia Negen
1171 Monaco Road
Levelland, Texas 79336

Fowler-Ward-JohnsonJay Ward (center) with presenters Dr Murray Fowler & Dr LaRue Johnson
Camelid Breeding & Medicine seminar at LLE/AVA
Oct 4 & 5, 2008

Vicuna Alpaca Research Sanctuary (V.A.R.S) (Tm)

Two of my donks just arrived in France, safe and sound, with the digital angel chips from you folks implanted (as they require chips over there) they get them into other countries safe and sound!!! The chips ability to be accepted by importing countries, was a definite benefit to me. I have 2 going to Germany this year, that will also be sporting your chips!! :)

Furball Acres
Connie Bonczek
46 Calhoun St
Johnston SC 29832

Hey there, just writing to say everything went great!!! Shears worked wonderful and cut like butter.

Here is Boerne before and after. Takes me a while to shear and my second cuts need work really bad. But they are all done.

I need to try a comb with the little wings on the end next. I am told and read that it will really help with second cuts.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience.

Khrysoula001 Khrysoula002



Ingrid Khrysoula Lower
Sandy Hills Alpacas
2092 Sandy Ranch Rd
Harwood TX 78632
H 830-540-4122
C 830-445-1430

cria07Cria weighing………a kid event??

Using the alpaca scale from LLE

Circle T Alpacas
Wanship, UT

Home of CTA’s Peruvian Zechariah the ” 2005 AOBA National Champion Multi Colored Huacaya Male”


feederP1010013Big Rock Candy Mountain, LLC
7320 Lake Alice RD SE
Fall City, WA 98024
Ph: 425 222 6242
Cell Phone: 206 498 7734

The Feeder is located at our primary acreage:
33321 SE 76th Street
Fall City, WA 98024


Female Alpine dairy goats, 4 months old

“The panels are easy to move around. I like the look and that they blend in with the background and landscape.”
Rhonda Butler
Asgaard Farm
AuSable Forks, NY


You gave me such superb customer service on the chute I recently purchased, I just had to come back to you when I needed fresh new mesh panels for the 1st Summer Hummer’s Female Pen Sale held in Goodells, Mich. on Aug. 11.
They arrived in great shape & looked fantastic at the show!
Thanks much,
Mary Hagen
Alpaca Heights
5008 S. Ubly Rd.
Ubly, MI 48475


Greetings Jay..
Here is a picture of Pival Accoyo Admiral who joined our herd late July. He is currently stationed in a separate section of the barn area away from the other boys for our standard 45 day quarantine period. To do so, we used the LLE mesh panels with a gate to create a pen outside of the main area. We built an area using the outside barn wall to create a 30’x30’ outside area for fresh air and sun, with a separate entrance that leads to a covered barn.
Worked out great!
Tom Talbott
T Square Alpacas
Gorham, ME

Tannis Froese
Hummzinger Alpacas
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada


Christy Hemenway of GOLD STAR ALPACASworks with a young alpaca in a Mobile Catch Pen – made up of four – 4’x8’ Horizontal Bar Panels from Light Livestock Equipment. Christy is a certified CameliDynamics Handler and appreciates the safety, practicality and portability of these panels in making a catch pen that really works well for her business – New England’s only Professional Alpaca Herd Sitting Service!
(Thanks to Ryen and Ursula Munro for the use of Tripping Gnome Farm for the photo session!)

Christy Hemenway
“New England’s Only Professional Alpaca Sitter”
207- 449-1121


Here are the pictures of the panels I bought from you (and scale)…only took 1 1/2 hours to install…all of what is in both photos..
Mike Miller
Millwood Farm Alpacas
277 Cal Durham Rd
Bethpage, TN 37022

I have finished construction of the chute – went together without any trouble. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. I’m going back out right now to put my first alpaca into it.
Randy & Ingrid Lower
Sandy Hills Alpacas
2092 Sandy Ranch Road
Harwood, TX 78632

Hi Jay,
Just took this the other day and what do you know…there’s one of your
hay feeders framed perfectly behind Eduardo! Note the wheels on one
side (one of hubbies wonderful ideas). We do love these hay feeders, we
have one in practically every pasture!
Warmest Regards,
Yvette & Dave Kirilenko
Wool & Gray Alpacas
270 Locktown Rd.
Flemington, NJ 08822
I picked up the panels yesterday and they were in good condition. Thanks for your excellent customer service!

Emelise Alpacas(small)Susan & Wayne Robinson
73 Mackenzie Road
Hampton, NJ 08827-3002
908.938.3113 (C)

The ladies(small)“Pasturing in the pages of American Livestock Magazine”

Gerry & Chardonnay
Stall & Scale

Hello Jay,
Due to the North Eastern weather, It took us a bit of time to get our scales in, but they are now in and functioning great! It was so wonderful to see what all of our Alpacas weighed especially our pregnant moms. Now we can keep a better health record.
As you can see in one of the
photos Gerry is standing rather proud next to one of our Alpacas Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of our maidens here at Littlewoods Alpaca Farm. She didn’t seem to mind our new stall and scales. We are thrilled.
Thanks for all of your help with getting the right scales and the tax exemption form as well.
Chris Root
Chris Root and Gerry Sloat
Littlewoods Alpaca Farm
Barton, NY

Hello Jay,
Here’s some pictures of your green panels being put to good use. I just purchased these from you @ the Empire show. We had our Open House Nov. 5th. They worked great, everybody loved to get up close and personal with the alpacas.
Thanks for your assistance.
Happy Holidays!!
Clay Leibold
Pine Creek Alpacas
600 Lake Front Dr
Orwigsburg, PA 17961


Trinity and her Peruvian Lancaster cria born May 2006 at Aspenwood Farm Alpacas
Trinity was purchased by AuSable Valley Alpacas from Aspenwood Farm Alpacas
Hay Saver Feeder from shown in the background.

Dave & Debbie Serino
Aspenwood Farm Alpacas
313 Maple Lane Valatie, NY 12184
Ph: 518-784-2696
Fax: 518-784-2760

Photo Creep Gate
Cria moving through creep gate

Photo Double Sided Feeder
Double sided hay saver feeder

Photo 4 foot mesh panel
Alpacas behind 4’ high mesh panel

Photo 4 foot single Sided Feeder
4’ Single Sided Feeder in use

Rebecca & Dane Brenno
RidgeWalker Alpacas
Lisbon, NY

Photo Feeder

“We really like the feeders!
The hay waste has cut way down, and so keeps things cleaner.”

Photo Feeder2

Tim & Nancy Whitens
Willow Creek Farm Alpacas
390 Lakeshore Rd.
Fulton, NY 13069
“Breeding Ever Higher, Business With Integrity”