Shearing Contest

11th Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Contest

Show off your alpaca shearing skills?

See Results from the 2019 10th Annual Contest!

Hang out and swap tips, stories & gear info with other shearers?

What are you doing on Saturday, June 27, 2020? Join us at Morning Beckons Farm Farm in Thompson, CT for the 11th Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Contest! It’s tons of fun for the competitors, spectators and volunteers! Show off your skills, or watch a great contest! Check out all the details here.

Come to compete, to watch or Volunteer, either way plan to have some fun!

The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP) will also be running a fiber collection at this event so be sure to swing by check out the shearing competition and get your fiber to them for free!

Date:   Saturday – June 27, 2020

Time:   8am Start

Shearer Entry fee: $69


Julie & Vern Butler
343 A. Sand Dam Rd.
Thompson, CT 06277






The rules will reward the performance that meets the alpaca breeder’s expectations.

Fleece quality, look of the alpaca and time to shear will be considered.

Points will be awarded in three categories:

100 points for the quality of the shorn blanket
100 points for the look of the finished alpaca
100 points for time

Past Results

Highest score will win the class.
Click here to read the rules.

Classes based on all levels of experience (# of alpaca shorn/yr) and an open class.

Space is limited to 30 participants so sign up soon.

This year’s prize pool is now at $7500 and growing.*
*The more sponsors the higher the prizes.

Pride of competing and succeeding.

And the fun of getting together and having some laughs with other shearers and breeders!

Who’s in?  Register today!

Spread the word to your fellow shearers too!

2015 Master Class medal winners

Light Livestock Equipment North American Shearing Contest 2015 Winners
Jay Mariacher, Malcolm Cooper, John Gunther with Sponsors and Hosts



Past year results

 2017 Results | 2016 Results | 2015 Results | 2014 Results | 2013 Results | 2012 Results | 2011 Results | 2010 Results

Sponsored By:

Light Livestock Equipment
Light Livestock Equipment

Best Shearing Service
Best Shearing Service


Beiyuan Combs & Cutters
Beiyuan Combs & Cutters

Little Creek Farm
Little Creek Farm

Morning Beckons Farm

North American Shearing Contest NEAFP
New England Alpaca Fiber Pool

Heiniger USA

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm
Cas-Cad-Nac Farm

Still Meadow Farm
Still Meadow Farm


Become a sponsor

Corporate sponsor

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Corporate sponsor you get your logo  on our page and are recognized at the contest as a corporate sponsor. If you provide us a banner we will hang it at the contest and provide photos with winners.


Sponsor a Class

Master Class

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Journeyman Class

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Apprentice Class

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Sponsor a Shearer

To register to Compete in the
9th Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Contest!
Fee is $69 per person.

Register to compete

Master Class

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Journeyman Class

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Apprentice Class

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Please make checks payable to:

Light Livestock Equipment
697 Glen Road
Jay, NY 12941


Volunteers needed for:
Fleece handling
Alpaca handling
Fiber clean up
Score keeping
Photographer and/or Videographer

* = Required Fields

*Register here to Volunteer for the 7th Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Contest!

    FREE (check all areas of interest, we’ll assign jobs as needed)
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3 Classes of Contestants:
Open: 1000+/year Contestants will have the option to move up a class but not down. Prizes: Light livestock Equipment will hand out approx.. $6,000 in gift certificate/prize money. Prizes may increase based on number of sponsors.

$2,000 in Gift Cards

Plus Merchandise & Gifts (Sponsored by Rita @ Heiniger Shearing)

1st $400 + Heiniger Gear
2nd $650 + Heiniger Duffle Bag
3rd $350 + Heiniger Singlet
4th $250 + Heiniger Towel
5th $200 + Heiniger Cap
6th $150 + Heiniger Cap

Journeyman: 250+ up to 1000 alpacas shorn/year

$1,200 in Gift Cards

Plus Merchandise & Gifts (Sponsored by Rita @ Heiniger Shearing)

1st $250 + Heiniger Geear
2nd $450 + Heiniger Duffle Bag
3rd $300 + Heiniger Singlet
4th $200 + Heiniger Towel

Apprentice: Less than 250 alpacas shorn/year

$850 in Gift Cards

Plus Merchandise & Gifts (Sponsored by Rita @ Heiniger Shearing)

1st $150 + Heiniger Gear
2nd $250 + Heiniger Duffle Bag
3rd $200 + Heiniger Singlet
4th $150 + Heiniger Towel
5th $100 + Heiniger Cap

Best Blanket: $250

Prizes will be awarded for 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place in each class when available.
Head to head heats of two or three shearers determined by a draw will be set up within classes until all contestants have competed.

Automatic disqualification:
Any injury to an alpaca beyond a nick that results in loss of utility or ability to breed, reproduce and raise young.
Examples: injury to teat, pizzle, vulva, tendons or ligaments.

Prime blanket removed:
In one piece.
With least amount of skirting required.
With least amount of second cuts.

Look of the finished alpaca: symmetrical & neat head, stove pipe legs and fan tail.
No tags of fiber .
Skin cuts will result in points deducted by the judge under the appearance.

Fastest time in the class equals 25 points for time.
The second fastest time in the class will receive 24 of the points for time.
This will continue for all remaining shearers in each class. ie if there are 8 shearers in a class the fastest will receive 25 points and the slowest 18 points. All points will be given after all heats are done. Thus you could be second in a heat and still receive 25 points for one of the 3 or 4 fastest times overall.

The clock will start with hand-piece off and start with the GO command until the hand-piece is turned off and the shear calls done. Only cleanup under the ropes can be done at this time.

Each competitor in a class will shear at least one alpaca which will be properly restrained before the time start.

Depending on the total number of competitors, each class may shear three or four alpacas. Each alpaca will be restrained prior to the start of each heat.

All competitors in a class will shear an equal number of alpacas.

The shearing competitor must provide:
Shearing hand-piece(s)
Combs and cutters
Head holder (or recruit one at the competition)
Takedown assistance (or recruit one at the competition)
Top Gun restraint ropes will be provided however competitors may use their own restraint system if preferred.

Additional Rules
NO alcohol will be consumed during the competition.
Smoking will be allowed only in an area designated by the host farm.

Competitors enter and compete at their own risk.
Competitors must report to the entry desk 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Competitors must be suitably attired for safety with no conflicting sponsors for the competition and prize award ceremony.
Competitors will be disqualified for conduct determined by the judge to be inappropriate. This will include but not limited to:
Abusive or detrimental behavior toward competitors, officials, spectators or alpacas
Unsportsmanlike conduct
The use of foul language
The use of drugs or alcohol
Disqualified competitors will receive no prizes.
Competitors should bring a first aid kit, needle and thread, glue and antiseptic.

Register Today!

Cancellation Policy:
If a cancellation is received 30 days prior to the event, registration fees paid will be applied toward a future AVA/LLE event. Cancellations within 30 days of the event will result in the forfeiture of the fees as expenses have been incurred and potential attendees may have been turned away. Thank you for your understanding.