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I am writing to give a big thanks to Jonathan for going out of his way to help correct my recent order. Jonathan has always been great to work with and he is always sure to get the order right for the customer.
Thanks again.

Sarah Donahoe, Owner
Long Acres Alpaca Farm
9703 Blue Spring Road
Mercersburg, PA 17236
(717) 382-8137

Breeding Best Quality Females to Elite Males…
…and Producing Champion Offspring

Shear Tension

Just a few weeks ago I took a course on sheep shearing to be able to do my own small flock of eight Shetland sheep. While I was successful during the course, when I went to actually shear yesterday it was very frustrating (to say the very least) and I ended up stopping after two sheep. The shears were not doing what I knew they were supposed to do. I was very upset and frustrated and considered basically saying, never mind, I’ll have someone come do it.

After calming down and doing some research I came across your YouTube video on tension. There is NO doubt in my mind now that that was the problem. I even noticed the balled up wool under the blade when I took them off to clean them yesterday and thought to myself, huh, I don’t think that’s supposed to be there.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but you have completely given me my confidence back and I know that when I go to shear again this weekend, it will be a completely different ballgame. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you.

I will always be grateful and (while I don’t have alpaca personally), I will be sending everyone I possible to your website.

Seriously…. you have no idea. Thank you so much.


Testimonials for Llamas and Alpacas

I have used Light Livestock Equipment & Supply many times over 6 or 8 years and have NEVER been unhappy. They are a great company with a wide selection of products geared to the proper care and management of raising alpacas. I highly recommend this company to anyone that has alpacas and can’t say enough good about them. In addition to the products I have also attended several of the seminars they offer, also GREAT! Please keep up the great work!

Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm


I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with Jonathan’s enthusiasm to help a new customer. I know how much that means to a business, especially one like yours and ours where someone understands how important our animals are to us and to our clients.

While I am not an Alpaca breeder, you have a product that we also use as domestic animal breeders.

Thank you for having someone as knowledgeable as Jonathan available to the breeder community. We will be sharing your site and our experience with your customer service with our community.

Ellen Meyer
Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

Tracy Jarratt commented on Light Livestock Equipment’s Facebook wall


“WOW! Am I ever impressed with your service! I ordered combs and cutters on Monday afternoon and they arrived here Wednesday morning, from NY to Calgary, Alberta!! E-mails were answered, order tracking supplied and a great product. Will be dealing with you again soon.”

– “Those Beiyuan 9 tooth cover combs rocked! Hairy Cross-bred ewes (Dorper/Dorset/Suffolk/Cheviot mutts) were a snap in -20C
with them. First time ever using 9 tooth, kinda scared me with that gap, but only two tiny nicks in the whole flock. Awesome.”

See the comment thread

Hi Jay,

As you know, we sponsored this seminar at our farm, over a year ago. I have personally saved thousands of dollars, not to mention lives, due to the extensive knowledge and education shared by Dr. Purdy!

This past week an area farm was struck with disastrous parasite infestation upon the arrival of another herd. Because of this seminar and the one on one education provided, I was able to review over 100+ slides, identify parasites, and medicate appropriately.

Even though one may plan to always send the samples to their vets for identification and treatment, there may be times when one’s vet is not available and the clock is ticking. I cannot speak strong enough about the need for camelid owners to have the skill to identify parasites on their farms.

A heart felt thank you for offering this seminar thus helping to ensure the health and safety of this wonderful animal.

Pam Pullins
Sweet Home ALApaca
Blountsville, AL
Sweet Home ALApaca Website



Hey guys thanks for prompt delivery of my comb and cutter order. It looks as if the folks at Beiyuan are keeping the quality high. I’ve found it’s better to stock up at the end of the season so I’ll be ready for those first calls next spring.

I’m especially excited about the two new types of combs I’ve purchased. The 92MB10 will have a place in the comb pouch for those juvenile alpacas that seem to be a bit low on body score. perhaps they were not “tipped” as cria or weren’t weaned or provided a creep. Regardless, with the 10 tooth comb, I’ll be able to push through with more confidence. I think it will also be a great comb for intermediate shearers to use in transitioning away from the 13’s.

The 92MB13 Cover Comb was a long time coming. This will be a great comb for beginners to use to shear their own cria or perhaps that odd show animal held back from the regular shearing date. A 13 tooth flared comb equipped with risers! This comb should really catch on with the sheep shearing contingent also. Great for when we need a little protection from the elements but we’re hesitant to use a 9 tooth cover comb.

Keep up the good service!

Matt Best
Best Shearing Services, NH

Thank you for you excellent service!! It has bee a long time since we have dealt with a company that is concerned about the customer instead of just the money that can be made from a customer. The chute arrived in great order and promptly. The freight company was also professional. My husband had surgery on his hand so was unable to help me set up the chute and I was able to do it without any problem at all. The first time I have been able to assemble something without having lots of unanswered questions. We will be putting the chute to use next week and am hoping it is as user friendly as the instructions on assembly was. I will drop you a note after we give it a trial run!!!
Thank you again for your professionalism!! It is so refreshing!!

Marlene Kasten
C&K Ranch LLC

I have to compliment Light Livestock’s customer service. It is one the best places to do business with. It is surely appreciated.
My order was received in great shape.
I am anxious to get into the new Field Manual.
I have used it for two different references in just the day I have had it.
Thanks for the follow up,

About Hart-So-Big Alpaca Farm
Wellsville, PA


 Hi to all,
I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your customer service and your dedication to customer satisfaction. In a world of less than friendly business practices, you guys rise above the rest and shine as an example of how things should be done. I purchased a bunch of stuff including a box of chips at the seminar out in Springfield last week. When I got home I realized that there was only 9 in the box although I paid for 10. Realizing what had happened and not wanting to cause a stir I figured, “to hell with it” and didn’t contact you guys about it. Surprise, a couple days later the tenth one arrived in the mail. You guys are great and I sincerely appreciate your attention to detail and honesty, a couple things lacking in today’s business.

Thanks so much and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Tim Welch
Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm
Lyndeborough, NH 03082


Good morning! Thank you very much for shipping the restraint ropes so fast!!!! They arrived right when you said they would be here and worked like a dream!!!! You guys really helped make our shearing day run smooth- Thank You!!!! I will definitely be in touch soon, to order more equipment / items for our farm.
Kristyn Morrissey-Ward

Hello, and thanks, yes my order arrived the very next day as promised–that was SO great and really beyond my hopes. Sorry I’m just getting back to you now but as you know this is a busy time of year. I showed off my growing stuck-fly collection to my friends Paulie and Ed Drexler last night and I should have known, they were already well aware of you and your company. I think they were impressed by how many flies I got already… I don’t think they’d seen that product yet. Thanks too for all the info included in the order–very interesting and I will hang onto it.

And yes your company is on my permanent “Hey do you know about…?” list to tell people about. You won’t be forgotten!

Many thanks,


Our order arrived perfectly, as always. Thank you so much! I will look you up at the upcoming shows. I’d love to meet you.
Thank you.
Diana Ponterio

My microchip order was delivered promply and in good shape (as always) last week! We appreciate being able to order from a place that has good products, economical prices and the best customer service around! You were highly recommended to us and even though we are a very small farm, you’ve always been professional and have never let us down! We breed and raise Mediterrean Miniature Donkeys here at Cabinwood Farm in NEOhio and we’ve used your microchips and Universal reader for all our adults and foals.

Lori L. Babcock-Wargo
Cabinwood Farm, LLC
Miniature Donkeys
Middlefield, OH 44062

alex and the guysBean and Minnie

We received our FIBRevive on Sunday night (Halloween) – Jonathon took the time to find our farm and deliver it to us on his way home from the New Jersey Alpaca Show. We needed the FIBRevive for a mom with a week old cria at her side. Thank you for getting it to us so quickly. Mom and baby are doing great.

Julie and Doug Crosier
Alpacas on the Battenkill

Thank you!! I ordered the Wisconsin Fecal Parasite testing kit. Am very pleased! Package came quickly and in great shape! Will DEFINATELY order again!!


I used the Andis clippers to shear my llama tonight. They are awesome!
My husband said, “these were worth every penny.”
We have never had such an easy time shearing this guy. Thanks!

Kirsten Gross
London, OH

I love your company. You guys have everything.

Lois Shaneour

Hi Jay – with shearing and all I forgot – thanks for the reminder!

I began purchasing the fly parasites last spring (going in to my first summer as an alpaca owner) and I guess I didn’t know how lucky I was until my vet came to give vaccinations and asked where all the flies were! She told me it was one of the worst years for flies she had ever seen and I barely had 2 or 3 buzzing around. My nearby neighbor breeds Golden Retrievers and he called to ask if I had put something out for flies because he hardly had any either! You can bet I got right with the program this spring and I have seen only one fly so far! Part of the reason I wanted alpacas was because they are so compatible with the environment and using the parasites to combat flies fits right in with that philosophy!

Thanks for all the wonderful products and customer service!
Bonnie & Rick Nahas
Manassas, VA

The panels got here on Monday, and Aaron spent part of today installing them.

They look great and I wish we’d done it a long time ago!

Patriot Alpacas

My equipment arrived in good order!
Thank You so much for your excellent service. Your patience and wide range of knowledge were such a great help to me. I feel like I am starting a new chapter of my life (full blown Angora goat farmer!) with a person and a company that I can rely on to provide me not only with the equipment I need, but with the information, experience and excellent customer service that isn’t always so easy to find in one place.
I look forward to my continuing relationship with you and your company.
Mery Weeden
Windy Acres Alpaca Farm
1342 Johnsonville Rd
Johnsonville, NY 12094

We have used the chute. And we love it. We’ve done worming shots, trimmed nails, weights and have done medical procedures with animals in the chute.

Again thanks, it has made our job of handling these animals safer for them and easier on our backs and definitely faster.

Bill & Rena Bulman
Windy Acres Alpaca Farm
4513 Eddy Ridge Road
Marion, NY 14505

We received the feeders yesterday- but we haven’t had a chance to open the box yet 😉 I will let you know as soon as we open the box and set it up.

Thanks again for sending us 2 so quickly! Will be in touch soon. You make doing business with you so pleasurable and easy 😉 That’s why I keep shopping with you guys! thanks again!!


PS. You guys are truly awesome- and your scale has been great 🙂 my little cria thinks it’s a launching pad though…

We rec’d our order and want to thank you for the wonderful service we have experienced. Our last order was a much needed adult alpaca coat for our yearling suri boy, with the temps 10-25 below zero for a week he was shivering and needed some extra help keeping warm. The coat we had on him was too small but did the trick until we rec’d the new one from you. We have had a break in the temps so he has been all natural for the last two days but will need a coat again by Sunday night and I am sure he will be much happier in the better fitting coat.

Our previous order was the alpaca chute and I wanted to let you know that the illustrated instructions on your website were wonderful. Unfortunately we have not been able to put the chute to use yet as it has been way too cold to have gloves off long enough to halter animals and introduce them to what I am certain they will view as the green monster. Maybe in the next couple of days we will at least be able to show it to the alpacas (we do not have a barn, just nice shelters for the animals).

Thanks again,

Deb Wellinghoff
Northern Prairie Alpacas
2275 92nd Ave NE
Tolna, ND 58380


We’ve had our chute about a month and we’ve used it several times…its a great product……

Shortly after we received it, (actually on Thanksgiving day) I had a female alpaca (Satarra) develop a severe case of mastitis. We live two hours away from the nearest Alpaca Vet. (Auburn University)….Auburn instructed us to “strip out” or “milk out” the infected teat until we had good milk flow……..”if possible”…….otherwise bring her and her cria to Auburn……

A fellow Alpaca owner (Ken Spruell from Oak-Leigh Peacocks and Alpacas) and I loaded her into the chute and strapped her in….she is a big girl weighing nearly 200lbs and the infected teat was very hard and very painful for her if we touched it, much less tried to milk her. She bucked so hard at fist that she actually broke one of the four heavy metal clips attached to the harness used to secure her head. Using the chute we were able to keep her contained and by swinging out the bottom panel, we were able to milk out almost a quart of milk from the infected tit. It started out yellowish and curdled looking, but by the end, it was clear and coming out in long spurts. Four strong men couldn’t have held her still enough to accomplish this task, but your chute performed magnificently. It paid for itself that night. We ended up taking Satarra and her baby to Auburn two days later where she received some additional treatment, but the vet at Auburn told me we had most likely saved her and her ability to produce milk by our actions on Thanksgiving day….

Since then I’ve used it for shots, toenails, several other chores……….its particularly useful when weighing animals

Thanks for the follow-up…

Chris and Sue Ellen Miller
Humming Hills Alpacas
Newton, Alabama 36352


My order for the four 9′ gates came today at noon.

Really surprised that they came so fast. I sure was a long skid!
Mike Saman

I run a rather large horse farm in Florida, and often order through online companies for my supplies. I was amazed at how fast the ‘free shipping’ came to me! I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with your company. I will definitely be ordering again through you.
Best Regards,
Royal Horse Farms

Just a note to say THANK YOU for wonderful customer service!
We received our package and hopefully the treatment will work.

THANK you again!

Lynn Blake
Mayhem Farm
460 W Parkins Mill Rd
Winchester, Va 22602

Thanks! The panels and gates arrived in perfect condition. The delivery was prompt and the driver was very courteous.
I appreciate the quality of your products, your good service and your interest in keeping your customers satisfied. The panels look great in our barn!

Mary Clare Hughes

Dear Jay –
I wanted to write and share a recent experience I had with one of your products: FIBREVIVE

A week ago, I brought a female alpaca home from a boarded breeding. The heat and strees associated with it during her last week boarded, and the trip had left her in pretty poor shape. She was barely eating, definitely not chewing a cud and just barely producing beans. I thought for sure we would lose her .

After speaking with our vet the next morning and keeping her quiet , cool and comfortable, I prepared some fibrevive and gave it to her with a dosing syringe. After two 60cc syringes of the mixture, which she eagerly swallowed, I left her alone. Within 45 minutes she was outside eating hay for the first time since I brought her home..and she didn’t stop for over an hour. I gave her fibrevive over the next two days, and noticed an amazing recovery begin. Her bloodwork showed a somewhat low red blood cell count and our vet believes that she was dealling with an ulcer..and losing blood through her stomach. Getting her rumen going, grass and hay into her system and lessening stomach acid was the key to saving her and I firmly believe that the FIBREVIVE was the catalyst for getting her on the road to recovery.

Thanks again!

I hope I never have to use it again..but if I do, I will do so with great confidence!

Debbie Potter and “Sofia”

Debbie & Jeff Potter
High Peaks Alpacas
1183 Haselton Rd.
Wilmington, NY 12997
cell (518)-524-0087
You only live once….live with alpacas!

Received our alpaca chute today, the packing and shipping was great and a very high quality chute and workmen ship.

Ken & Pat Humbert
Pondview Alpaca Ranch
5088 Booth Rd.
China MI 48054
Email: pondviewalpacas@aol.com

Hello Jay,

I would like to share with you my experience with one of your many products, the Beiyuan Combs and Cutters.

I am a fairly new shearer here in the northeastern state of Alabama. I had taken a shearing class with Matt Best last year, March 2007. Also that year, I had one-on-one training with Bill Watkins. After that, I was confident enough to shear my own 18 alpaca along with about 10 others. This year I have been shearing for other farms as well.

My greatest experience this year was when I was in Texas shearing a herd alpaca. I took with me new combs and cutters by Beiyuan. When I got there, I put on a new comb (76MB13) and cutter (B45) and started shearing. I was able to shear 29 alpaca on a this set of blades. When I got home, I kept this set on my shears and did another 2 alpaca. I had sheared a total of 31 alpaca on a single set of blades. And, if I had more animals to shear, I would have kept on going just to see how far the Beiyuan brand would have taken me.

Now, I don’t know if it is my method of shearing or if it had something to do with the soil in Texas, but I am a believer in the Beiyuan brand.


Linda Rosenbaum
My Sweet Alpaca
8771 County Road 67
Langston, AL 35755
256-228-9609 home/ranch
808-222-8802 cell

We were designing two new alpaca sheds for our small farm. With the help of Johnathan Capen, my husband and I developed a terrific panel/gate system that offers three bays with a creep feeder, weight/medical chute (with no restraints!), and endless capabilities for use as weaning pens, teasing pens, male/female separating pens, or one large, shady, open barn. We can even rotate fields and use the same barn with the dividing system Johnathan helped us figure out. We also have another 18′ X 10′ smaller version with two pens and a weight/medical chute where we now keep our yearling males. These all work as run-in sheds, but with planning; we can close off the outside “walls” and catch our gang whenever we need to. Alpaca management is so much easier with these panels, I don’t know how we would get by without them. As a special addition, Johnathan created a “break away” 24 foot gate/panel system so we can drive our truck and trailer into the field for loading and unloading animals and equipment, oar just open the 4 foot man gate for everyday use. It’s fantastic!
Thanks for your creativity and patience!

Marilyn and Bruce Wentworth
Athens, Ohio
See Photos

Hi Jay,
I just wanted to drop you a note, thanking you for hosting the shearing seminar. The knowledge I obtained with regard to shearing far exceeded my expectations. This seminar was so informative that I had no problem going home and was able to shear my own animals.
Thanks again,

Randy Palmatier
Kelsey Brook Alpacas

thank you very much for your excellant and quick service. I received my order Wednesday. I had order it on Monday, how fast is that.

Again thank you for your service

Jackie & John Imel
South River Alpaca Farm
16024 South River Road
Woodford,VA 22580

Beiyuan 94mm Medium Bevel 9 tooth comb and type B style cutters OUT OF THE BOX
54 head very dense white alpacas on 3 combs & 9 cutters.
They were still cutting well when finished herd.
All in 5 hours!!

Matt Best
Best Shearing Service, NH

We just LOVE our shearing table.

We sheared 75 alpacas in the last two weeks and would not have been able to do it if not for the table.
Great for my knees and back and my husband and son-in-law think it is the best thing since sliced bread!

We were kind of scared off the shearing table by some horror stories but I have bad knees and my husband has had two cervical fusions being on the ground shearing is really rough on the bods. We thought we would give it a try and now we wish we had it for the last two years. It is a breeze to use and much easier on us and the alpacas.


Richard and Robin Vasquez
R & R Ranch LLC
325B Denio Avenue
Gilroy,CA 95020
Phone: 408-842-5233/ Cell 408-710-0676/710-7911
A Ranch of Distinction

Thanks, Jay.

As always, browsing your site is great fun – in fact, even more fun than the Nordstrom’s site. Good heavens, what has happened to me?!?!

Liz k.
Blue Bird Canyon Ranch
Elizabeth Kataras
San Marcos, CA 92079

Hi Jay!

Our 3 day old 24 lb. dark rose gray SK Flavia sends her thanks for your great Cria Coat. Our nights here in the Florida panhandle are in the 50’s right now and are very foggy and wet. This light weight material is perfect for our conditions. She says she sleeps well and keeps her toasty in the cool, dampness.

SunkissedAlpacaRanchJudy and Andy Georgiades
4800 County Highway 1084
DeFuniak SPrings, FL 32433

The scale arrived in great shape and works really well.
Thank you for having great quality products at reasonable prices.
It means a lot to those of us on a tight budget.

Ron and Dale Hampton

Our order arrived in great condition. Your creative box making skills should be marketed 🙂 Thank you! I appreciate your company taking the time to communicate with the customers. In this day and age of internet the customer service is sometimes lost, but your company is doing a great job.

Thank you,

The scale arrived safe and sound at the promised time. Thank you. My husband noted that it was the best packaged piece of equipment he had ever seen. Nothing that could possibly happen during transport could hurt it 🙂

I will take some pictures weighing the animals on it and send to you. We do not have a website as our llamas and alpacas are strictly pets and hiking buddies and we don’t breed and sell.

Thanks for your great service and have a happy holiday.

Ulla Kauffman
Stoweflake Farm
Huntsville, UT


I was on the phone yesterday with your tech Carol who talked me through the calibration of the scale. Works great. Your service was super quick. Really appreciate a manufacturer that stands behind their products. I would buy from “Light Livestock Equipment” again knowing how helpful you have been.


Julia Povilaitis
Alpaca Owner


My gates arrived safely! I will be sure to take lambing photos in April and send them your way…I will definitely be ordering from you again – truly wonderful customer service – thank you for the “family feel!”

Dozen Acre Fiber Farm

Thank you again your team has the BEST customer service for first time buyers or repeat buyers!!!

Dozen Acre Farm


Hi Jay,

This chute is great! No rear restraint is needed at all. We were able to perform herd health on our entire ranch (34 alpacas, 15 llamas) in 1 ½ days without stressing the animals or ourselves. We did everything from shots to toenail clippings to teeth trimming with complete ease. Excellent product!

Monaco Pines Alpaca Ranch, LLC
Cindy Negen
1171 Monaco Road
Levelland, TX 79336


We are using those new SmartChip microchips and they are working great. The price for the 10 pack saves us some money also since we chip over 100 animals a year. These work just fine with our Destron Universal reader.

Steve Johnson
Northwest Alpacas Ltd.


Hi to all,
I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your customer service and your dedication to customer satisfaction. In a world of less than friendly business practices, you guys rise above the rest and shine as an example of how things should be done. I purchased a bunch of stuff including a box of chips at the seminar out in Springfield last week. When I got home I realized that there was only 9 in the box although I paid for 10. Realizing what had happened and not wanting to cause a stir I figured, “to hell with it” and didn’t contact you guys about it. Surprise, a couple days later the tenth one arrived in the mail. You guys are great and I sincerely appreciate your attention to detail and honesty, a couple things lacking in today’s business.
Thanks so much and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Tim Welch
Purgatory Falls Alpaca Farm
Lyndeborough, NH 03082


Yes, everything arrived to good order!
I think I’ll have to go with a comb with fewer teeth the next time I do sheep. It was very difficult to get through the fleece compared to the last time I sheared using a borrowed set of Andis shears.
But I am very grateful for the advice that I was given (by whoever was wonderful about placing my order!) that if the shears don’t cut easily, I probably need to go with a different comb.
Thanks again for all your help and for your wonderful customer service. That is why I ordered from you again!

Welcome Home Farm


The order arrived as you predicted – prior to the end of the second day. Impressive, and for that we thank you.
Thanks again for the follow-up.

Pat Scheer
WestPark Alpacas
email: info@westparkalpacas.com
web site: westparkalpacas.com


Our order arrived (and quickly too!) and we are VERY pleased! I ordered the MTG liquid to help with hair loss on my black-faced alpacas, and I am completely AMAZED. After just ONE application, there was improvement. I could not believe it. I have recommended it to all of my fellow alpaca breeders, and they are planning on buying it too.

Thanks again!
Connie Ortz
Crooked Creek Alpacas


Hi Jonathan,
I just wanted to let you know that our order arrived early Wednesday morning…sorry I haven’t had a chance to write sooner but better late than never.
We are very pleased and extremely surprised by how quickly the panels got here. Thank you for getting the order right, making it such a painless process and being so patient with my many questions. Feel free to use me as a reference for any of your Canadian customers.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.
Marj. Brady


Thanks so much for your email. We did receive the order and we are very pleased!

My husband made the statement that “the people who designed this chute actually use the chute”. He has an aeronautical and astronautical engineering degree and is very much impressed with efficient and effective function- so thank you.

Thanks and have a great day!!

Lance & Jori Shaffer
Harmony Hills Farm
Livingston, TN



We recently purchased a Deluxe Alpaca Chute from you. We did not use it as quickly as I thought we would, but this weekend we used it for our health day. I cannot tell you how much the chute helped my husband and I get the job done. We have always had a problem with trimming toenails for several of our animals, and to be honest sometimes, it is more than we can handle and have often left the toenails until we could not wait any longer. Yesterday, we were able to get toenails trimmed on all of our animals, even the most difficult ones. I would recommend this chute to anyone.

I have to tell you that you have a complete package in your business. Your customer service is excellent and the quality of your equipment is excellent. We appreciated the quality of what we received so much that I purchased fans from you also. Here again we received the fans in a timely manner, and the quality is excellent.

My husband and I both agree that of all the equipment we have purchased for our farm, the chute has been the best investment. We will be purchasing other items from you.

Thank you very much.
Donna & Alex Lamarche
Royal Oaks Alpacas
Bryan, TX 77808


Hi Jay,

I called in an order today. The man I spoke with was very helpful. I just wanted to say thanks for your good service and advice. I’ll keep your website on file so that when I am ready to order some shears, I can order them from you.
Thanks again.
TJ Tarbet
Welcome Home Farm


Two of my donks just arrived in France, safe and sound, with the digital angel chips from you folks implanted (as they require chips over there)
..so they get them into other countries safe and sound!!! The chips ability to be accepted by importing countries, was a definite benefit to me. I have 2 going to Germany this year, that will also be sporting your chips!! 🙂

Furball Acres
Connie Bonczek
46 Calhoun St
Johnston SC 29832

Hey there, just writing to say everything went great!!! Shears worked wonderful and cut like butter.

Here is Boerne before and after. Takes me a while to shear and my second cuts need work really bad. But they are all done.

I need to try a comb with the little wings on the end next. I am told and read that it will really help with second cuts.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience.

Ingrid Khrysoula Lower
Sandy Hills Alpacas
2092 Sandy Ranch Rd
Harwood TX 78632
H 830-540-4122
C 830-445-1430

Hi Jay,

I ordered a pair of Andis shears, combs and cutters from you last Tues.night at about 10:00 pm.
I was very surprised to get an e mail from you that night. You said that order should arrive in 2 days. When I got home Friday night, the box was in our mailbox. Everything was in great shape.

I took it with me Sat. am to shear 27 Alpaca in Mass/NH and on Sunday to shear 19 more in Cumberland Me.

I know you deal quite a bit with my friend Matt Best, I have known Matt for about 24years. Matt had let me try a pair of the GTS shears, after a fair trial I decided to go ahead and get the “Good Shears”.

I really like being able to get such quick service and quality product in such a short amount of time.

Thank You for being here for Us. I will order again.

Joel (Jay) Mariacher
Alpaca, Sheep, Goat, Llama shearing service
311 LeeHook Rd. Lee, NH. 03861
603-659-6428/ 603-767-4533


Hi Jay,

Actually, the panels are in the back of my truck. They fit quite nicely and are securely bungeed. I will be pulling the trailer to the show in New Jersey on Sunday. I took a ride, to the gas station, with the panels in the truck. They held nicely. I especially like the fact that I can handle them myself.

Camille DeSando
Gilbert, PA


The gentleman that sharpens my blades told me the Beiyuan combs were not as hard as some of the premium blades and therefore would not last as long.

I subjected a Beiyuan 13 tooth comb and a Premier Phantom 20 tooth comb to hardness testing at the base of the teeth, in between the retaining screw slots and on the polished face. Testing was done on a calibrated hardness testing machine. Results showed that each comb was uniformly hardened and in the range expected for this type of cutting tool. Of the two specimens the Beiyuan was harder by 3 points on the Rockwell C scale. Bear in mind that this is single point data and cannot be used to make general conclusions about the larger population of Beiyuan or Premier shearing combs. I will state that the material used in the Beiyuan comb, when properly processed, can produce a comb well within the hardness range required for a durable comb. The same can be said of the Premier comb.

I did not plan on any additional testing since my experience with both combs has been acceptable in terms of performance and durability. 60-63 Rockwell C is pretty darn hard!

Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck at the rest of the spring shows.

Vicki & John Askew
Sunset Ridge Alpacas
Valley Falls, NY




Hey Jay! Got my order today!
Thank you! That was very very quick!

Todd Smith
Hickory Hill Llamas


Everything arrived perfectly and so fast. I’ve had a blast with the reader as my dog has a chip so he was the first one I tested and it read it perfectly. I will send some pictures. I love everything I have received from you guys.
Thank you so much.
Vikki Butynski
WildWood Acres Alpacas
8 Wildwood Acres
Newfane, VT

My order has already arrived. Thank you. Less than 24 hr delivery from time of ordering to southern NH.
All correct.
Thank you,


Spring 2008 Update From Judy and Andy Georgiades

When we purchased the panels, it was our intention to make some permanent pens in our 36 X 48 partially open barn (we are in hot Florida, remember?) Well, we have never fastened them to the walls, and find that we move them about depending on the rain direction or who needs to be with or without whom.

 Yesterday was shearing day…and it was raining lightly. We set up a girl’s pen and a boy’s pen. To keep the girls from leaving the dry barn and standing outside in the drizzle, we closed them in from the outdoor access with the panel gate. (Their presence in the barn kept the boys inside so that was not an issue)

 This was good for a few hours, but eventually, there was a small “mess” in the girl’s pen…..and then a larger mess. Some of our observers who had never been around these charming creatures before were nearly gleeful….”Oh look, they are all going”…I could hear from the shearing pen. Well, we had cleaned these girls…shaken out their fleece for weeks….. kept them dry all morning…and now we faced the threat of……a bean contamination!  

 Well sir, we just picked up that pen in the blink of an eye and moved it off that wet, messy floor to a fresh, clean, dry location, keeping those ladies clean. When it happened again, we did the same thing…new location….clean girls! How handy was that? We loved having the flexible means to deal with this instantly and easily!


Thanks, Jay.

 P.S. I only wish I had ordered more panels the first time. They ease my work and give me an “in the moment” flexibility that is so handy as we have added girls and boys!


Judy and Andy Georgiades
4800 County Highway 1084
DeFuniak Springs, FL  32433
Ph: 850-859-1007


This is Phil’s wife, Dawn. Everything arrived in good order and was immediately put to use the next day! No instructions were needed as everything went together so easily and the fencing was really self-explanatory. We now have a work area set up to corral the alpacas into for treatment and training, and a nice doorway so our two sons can go in and out of the pasture safely while the alpacas stay in as we all learn to work the main gate latches.

We’ll be back again for a scale and probably the travel pen as things move along here, so you’ll definitely be hearing from us again.

Thanks for the great products and service and for following up. We’ll look for you at some of the upcoming shows to introduce ourselves and say hi. We’ll also see if we can get some pics for your site.

Thanks again – and have a great rest of your summer,
Dawn Willis (and Phil)
Forte Farm, LLC
57 N Terrell Farm Road
Morris, CT 06763
Email: fortefarm@optonline.net
Phone: (860)361-9069

Jon, Thank you again…will be ordering next week with you 🙂
Take care!
A+ Customer Service!!!
Dozen Acre Farm
Hiram, OH
email: dozenacresfarm@windstream.net

Hi Jay,
The Shearing Combs arrived today with no problems.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I wish we had somewhere here in Australia that was a one stop shop for everything alpaca.
Once again thanks for timely dispatch of the combs. They will certainly get a work out this season.
Kind Regards,
Andrew and Bronwyn Munn
Alpha Centauri Alpacas
49 Sugarloaf Ridge Rd
Bungendore NSW 2621


Hi Jay,
We received all the equipment and everything was in fine shape.
Thank you again, for your timeliness and great equipment and again, customer service. Will recommend you to anyone who is looking for any of the items you carry. Exceptional job.
Jane Eaton-Nyman
E&J’s Dream Criation Alpacas
Eagle River, WI
Ph: 715-617-6875
email: ejstgd@nnex.net


Hi Jay!

Just a quick not I’ve been meaning to send you!

I bought the 6 foot double sided hay feeder at the Green Mountain, and in spite of all the good things I had heard I still didn’t think it would keep the hay dry when it was wet and rainy.

Not only could my husband and I assemble it without a fight, but it poured sideways for two days straight after we started using it. I love it, but the alpacas do too, and it DOES keep the hay dry! I was equally thrilled when I discovered how little hay that actually got wasted!

Thank you for an awesome product!!
Lotta Giblin
Lotta Luv Alpacas
Upton, Ma

I truly can say that you take care of your customers like no others do! Thank you for caring so much.

Yes, we did receive the combs & cutters, very early last week, if I may add, thank you!. Your email is just in time because we came back from work this evening and we have a note from Canada Post in our mailbox saying that a package arrived for us and we have to go and pick it up. It must be the Apron & Restraints.

Will get back to you as soon as we are able to pick up our package. Promise!

Thanks again for caring!
You have a great day also!

Louise Smith
Un Brin d’Alpagas / A Bit of Alpaca
330, Grande Ligne RR1
St-Alexis-de-Montcalm, Quebec, Canada, J0K 1T0
Ph: (450) 839-3061
Website: www.brindalpagas.ca
Email: brindalpagas@videotron.ca


Hi, Jay!
Our chute arrived on Friday. We have nothing to say but the best about your customer service, the product quality, timely delivery and about Con-way trucking. The driver backed the truck right up to our utility building and helped us unload the chute. His name was Allen and he was wonderful. We tried to tip him for going the extra mile and he would not take the tip. Imagine that! Since he recently moved to Florida, he may be finding our southern hospitality unusual!

We are just starting out with our farm and only have 7 alpacas at the time (3 pregnant). Decided to go ahead and get the chute as my husband recently had major abdominal surgery so I am left with caring for alpacas. I know the chute will allow me to be able to trim toenails and do general health without assistance. We will keep you in mind and take some pics of the chute in use and send to you for your website. It is assembled and waiting our use.

Thanks again for your excellent service!

Donna Derry
Suri Acres
8001 North Zaval Avenue
Dunnellon, FL 34433


Thank you,
Our order arrived safe and sound. The shipper, Con-Way, gave the ETA of 3-5 pm and arrived at 4:10pm!! The driver was very understanding to Al’s injuries and was a big help.
Alnglo Alpaca Ledge Farm
Al & Kathleen Trinci
457 Lecister Whitting Rd
Lecister, VT 05733
Email: alnglot@comcast.net

My scale arrived today and works perfectly. Thank you for a remarkably quick response to my order. If ever you need a recommendation for your services, do not hesitate to ask.
Jon MacLellan
Vine Yard View Camelid Farms, LLC
30850 SW Laurel View Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-628-0779
Email: jdmaclellan@centricata.com

Hey Jay,
We did receive the tumbler in excellent condition. We have already assembled it and used it for two days. It works great and is saving us scads of time on fleece care.
Eddie,Jan,Paul,Megan,Phillip,Jacquline & Timothy Sapp
Arrowhead Alpacas
Powell, WY
email: eddie@arrowhead-alpacas.com

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, the order arrived yesterday. Thanks for the prompt and excellent service.
Phyllis Swenson

Thank you, Lisa!

You and Jay have been very helpful as this is the first time I’ve ordered from you. Hope to do more business with you in the future!
Thanks, again.

Linda Hettrick
email: leolalin5@sbcglobal.net


My first use of the chute was to do toenails on our animals. I am new to the alpaca world and do not have a very effective technique for doing this job while someone holds the animal. The chute made all the difference in getting this job done. I felt relaxed in my work, confident that neither the animal nor I was going to get hurt. The belly straps were essential because several of the animals wanted to cush. My first impression is that a lot of thought has gone into the design – thanks for such a useful tool!
John Hanna

Sorbie Farm Alpacas
Mineral, VA

“Jay’s customer service, diligence and follow-up are unparalleled in the industry”

Mineral Springs Farm
3744 Mineral Springs Road
Lexington, SC 29073

Hi Jay,
Thanks very much for the scales. They arrived yesterday and we are so pleased with them, lightweight and easy to operate. Very thrilled, so well done to you for such a good product!
Kind Regards,
Lars & Heather Olsson
Gotland Alpacas
98 Hendersons Line
64 06 3564069

Thank YOU!
It’s so nice to have such friendly service! I’ll be sure and be back to order more from you in the future.
-Nancy Balla
Surry, NH

Just to let you know the order arrived last Friday. I put the chute together in less than an hour:-). Started using it today to shear two pregnant females. It was a breeze for my wife to do it. The animals went in very easily. Giving injections is far more easy with the chute. The scale is just what I wanted.
Dave – One happy customer.
Paradise Island Farm
Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Jay,
The shipment arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. You truly are a customer service dream. The timing is perfect since my husband and I both work M-F we will have all weekend to play with our new toys.
Thanks again
Alice Stern
Moon Dancer Alpacas
Grass Valley, CA

Hi Jay,
Everything was received in great working order. Thank you for your quick shipping too! We’ll definitely keep you in mind for future orders!
Warmest regards,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Katrina & Gary Capasso
Dakota Ridge Farm
189 East High Street
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Ph: 518-885-0756

Dear Jay,
The scale arrived as promised. We’ve weighed all the alpacas, mini horse and kids! I wish all suppliers were as quick and efficient as you!
Linda Smith
Casco Bay Alpacas
195 Baker Rd
Freeport, ME 04032

I ordered everything in one shipment, that I have needed for along time and now I wish I had purchased the scale early on as it has become a very valuable tool, for shots, getting accurate weights, following the progress of all our crias especially during our 3 week heat wave. It is so hard to judge from looking, some crias need extra fluids others are fine. I am sure we saved our selves a lot of vet bills by catching stress early. Doing our total fleece weights, helps evaluate studs, the clippers ,tie downs and chips are exactly what we all need. One stop shopping, on products we need and that work with Alpacas. Thanks Jay, for your time, and you fast friendly service.
From All of us at Hummzinger Alpacas
Tannis Froese
Hummzinger Alpacas
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada

I am sure this won’t be the last order…I have 5 goats now as well and the fence works well for them if they aren’t babies and it is too high off the ground! They can’t tear it down and it is marvelous and still looks good. I have changed the configuration about a 6 times already as new animals come and go. I love the goats a lot more and the alpacas… So you should market the fencing to the miniature goat breeds (Nubians, pygoras, pygmies, mini Nubians) I don’t know how the big breeds would do but I am sure it would be fine as well…they are stronger if they were butting something but not as big as an alpaca. Also you should market to the miniature horse people as well…the fencing worked GREAT for them…no problems at all. I bet you would get more orders!
Susan Brown DVM
Batavia, IL

Yes, the door was here waiting on me when I got home last night. I hope to get it unwrapped and installed later today. Thank you so much for the great service. It is so nice to do business with capable, considerate people.
Take care and have a great day.
Mountain Silk Alpacas
Spokane, WA

The scale arrived on Friday. What fast service. Everything is fine and we put the scale to use on Saturday doing herd health.
Debbie Presley

Wade & Debbie Presley
11501 State Highway 171S
PO Box 250
Covington, TX 76636
Ph: 254.854.2105

Hey Jay,
I wanted to send a quick note letting you know what lead up to this order… My husband and I spent 2 hours wrestling and wrangling our alpacas for shots, nails, and skin ointment. I’ve been bugging my husband for about as long as we’ve owned our alpacas for a chute. His only participation in the alpacas is when we do our monthly herd health day…because I can’t handle them myself. This last herd health day was particularly challenging…needless to say, I’m making this purchase with his blessing and encouragement! 🙂 I’m really excited to get the chute and am sure we will all be a lot ‘safer’ (alpacas and owners) for having it. Hope this note finds you doing well and finding time to enjoy some of the summer!
Take care~
Clare M. Arena
Freedom Ridge Alpaca Farm, LLC
1152 Gringo Clinton Rd.
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Thank you so much, Jay. After talking to you Monday and you were so helpful, I decided you’re going to become my long distance supplier of whatever it is I need – thanks again for being so helpful.
Arda Madeley
Himesa Alpacas
611 Twin Hills, TX 76426
Ph:(940) 683-5356
email: himesa2002@earthlink.net

My vet told me about the product. I searched for it on the net and found your site. Your company has developed some very usable items for Alpaca needs, obviously a niche that needed too be filled.
Great products!
Chris Swift
Unique Alpacas
8799 Balboa Ave #270
San Diego, CA 92123
Email: Chris Swift

The panels were delivered quickly and they were all in good shape when they arrived.
They are lightweight and easy to work with and I had them all up in less then an hour!
They are very sturdy and look nice as well. I am very pleased and now can’t wait for my alpacas to arrive!
Susan Brown DVM
Batavia, IL

Hi Jay,
Tooth-a-Matic worked great! I used it on a couple of mine and also a couple times while I was shearing the other day!
By the way do you sharpen combs and cutters? If not do you know anybody that does? I think I’m going to invest in my own sharpening stuff next year but until then I have to find somebody. Have another 100 animals to do!!
Matt and Diane Taylor
Gunhouse Hill Alpacas
5012 Gunhouse Hill Rd.
South Kortright NY 13842

Jay’s note:
I use and recommend Dave at Surprize Acres in MA for sharpening in the North East area.
His web site is www.SurprizeAcres.com

Great to deal with an honest man. Thank you and I’ll remember it in the future.
Steve Gern
Covered Bridge Alpacas
300 New Bridge Rd
Glide, OR 97443

Jay’s note:
Jay Signature ShortSteve had seen a shipping price on the Pro-Tie for $55 on-line and thought that was our shipping rate. I calculated shipping at $37 via our web site & got back to him to say that was what I was going to charge him instead of the $55. Satisfaction is guaranteed and honesty is assumed.

Hello Jay,
I just wanted to say Thank You so much for all the help. The Premier shears came today and we will shear this coming Monday . You are a fountain of information and I enjoyed chatting with you.
Take Care.

Diane and Heather Miller
Mountainside Alpacas
Argyle, NY

My initial dealing with Jay was simply purchasing some of his cutters through the shearing instructor at a clinic I attended. Returning home, I emailed Jay to inquire about the mats he sells for use with the Pro-Tie system. That one email led to so many more gracious and helpful emails from Jay over the next few weeks as he patiently and at all hours answered my questions and tried to troubleshoot with me issues I was having with shears and a shearing table I did not even purchase from him. He even contacted the manufacturer on my behalf to get additional insight. I can’t see how his customer service could be any more stellar if I had actually spent some real money with him (cutters being one of the least expensive pieces of alpaca equipment we need)! I don’t think you can go wrong with Jay. He truly is a model of customer service for which we all should strive.
Thanks so much, Jay.
Sheree Hess
La Soñadora Alpacas
Center Point,TX 78010

My order did arrive today. And the fence is already up and being used. I was very pleased with the timeliness of the delivery and the condition in which the fence panels arrived. I do not have a website yet. I’m less than year into the business and a website is my ‘summer project’. However, I would be more than happy to provide a link to your website once it’s up and running. I’m sure I will be purchasing from you again…
See you in Harrisburg… 🙂
Best Regards,
Clare Arena
Freedom Ridge Alpaca Farm, LLC

Just to let you know that the TAM arrived today and it looks great.
Thanks for the great service.

Contact info
Antons Gowt Alpacas
Tel 01205 280 873
Lincolnshire, England

finally got around to putting together the chute. only had one goof up putting it together. diagrams would have been helpful, but we got’er done. i must say, this is probably the best purchase we have made to date for our farm. you know the saying, the right tool for the right job….well this is it! yesterday, we tackled toenails. some of our critters stepped right in, some you really don’t need to restrain. i used it for both the llamas and alpacas. our biggest llama barely fit, his butt hung out the back a bit, but we managed. (he’s 400+ lbs) however…when it came to our more challenging alpacas, it was a god send! we have one goof ball gelding (whom i lovingly call goat boy) who cushes IMMEDIATELY with any sense of alarm. it was tough trying to figure out how to keep him up as he would cush before really even getting inside the chute. the trick was to walk him in, belly strap him up quickly then restrain his head with the lower head straps only. he would NOT put his feet down, ending up suspended in space. it was rather alarming but working quickly got his feet done. instead of straps, i think we’ll need a sling! he’s the nicest guy but truly a door knob. (there’s one in every crowd).
thanks again. you have a good product and i have no regrets.
Sandra Savage
S & S Alpacas
7616 County Road 30 SW
Howard Lake, MN 55349
320 223 1668

Hi Jay,

My wife and I recently attended the alpaca show in Springfield Mass. We are a new farm and have many decisions as to where our money should go. We were really contemplating the need versus the want for a hay feeder. While at the show I spoke to you and your staff about the feeders and we left with a 6’ double sided feeder. Aside from the digital scale it has been it has been the best item we have purchased from you. We are extremely impressed; there is very little waste on the ground and the alpacas love eating from it. Thanks so much to you and your knowledgeable staff! We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Matt and Kate Tufts
Queen’s Land Farm Alpacas
74b Penney Rd
New Gloucester, ME 04260

Yesterday I used the chute with some of our alpacas and gave shots, checked ears and trimmed nails in it. It was wonderful. Thank you so much.
I have finished construction of the chute – went together without any trouble. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. I’m going back out right now to put my first alpaca into it.
Thank you very kindly for taking care of problem in such a timely manner – you’re the best!
Best Regards,
Ingrid & Randy Lower
Sandy Hills Alpacas
2092 Sandy Ranch Road
Harwood, TX 78632

“I am very happy with the Pro-Tie, it is a great product for restraining alpacas being sheared. And the service supplied by Jay Ward is excellent. He is very customer focused and satisfaction oriented. He worked through some delivery carrier problems with me that exemplified his dedication to customer satisfaction.”
Indian Creek Alpacas
John Mahr – CEO & Chief Herder
17388 Tressel Pass Road
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Ph: 831-401-9525

Hi Jay,
I picked up the panels yesterday and they were in good condition. Thanks for your excellent customer service!
Warmest Regards,
Yvette & Dave Kirilenko
Wool & Gray Alpacas
270 Locktown Rd.
Flemington, NJ 08822

Hi Jay,
I picked up the panels on my way home yesterday. I already have two of them in use. I think they will work out perfectly at shearing time. I will bring my alpacas to another farm and be able to build a pen for them right off their own trailer! I won’t have to use up barn or paddock space at the other farm and my girls will be able to get in and out of the trailer as they like.
We had our first baby a couple of weeks ago and will be putting the creep gate into use very soon. I actually already have it up to divide a stall and it still allows me to be able to move back and forth with ease.
Barbara & Joe Campagna
Rocky Ridge Farm
270 Collins Rd
Ashaway, RI 02804

Hi Jay,
Just wanted to let you know that we have the scale and it did arrive in excellent condition. Quick delivery, great condition, your company really cares for its customers and it shows! We cannot ask for more! Just wanted to let you know that we have the scale and it did arrive in excellent condition. Quick delivery, great condition, your company really cares for its customers and it shows! We cannot ask for more!

Lisa did a fabulous job. I must admit, I was really impressed of all the attention she gave and all the hard work she must have done just for us. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we will highly recommend you to others.

We will definitely send you pictures of the scale in use as soon as we figure out the perfect place and setup in our barn. For now, our two dogs and two cats are “testing” the scale for us….!!!

Again, many thanks for all your help and a good job well done for a smooth delivery across the border! We greatly appreciate it.

Louise Smith
Un Brin d’Alpagas / A Bit of Alpacas
330, Grande Ligne RR1
St-Alexis-de-Montcalm, (Québec), Canada, J0K 1T0
Ph: (450) 839-3061
Email/Courriel: brindalpagas@videotron.ca

Christy Hemenway of GOLD STAR ALPACAS works with a young alpaca in a Mobile Catch Pen – made up of four – 4’x8’ Horizontal Bar Panels from Light Livestock Equipment. Christy is a certified CameliDynamics Handler and appreciates the safety, practicality and portability of these panels in making a catch pen that really works well for her business – New England’s only Professional Alpaca Herd Sitting Service!
(Thanks to Ryen and Ursula Munro for the use of Tripping Gnome Farm for the photo session!)

Christy Hemenway
“New England’s Only Professional Alpaca Sitter”
207- 449-1121

Hi Jay
I am so glad I got the chute put together yesterday. We did herd health this morning and what a difference. I was able to give injections exactly where they are meant to go without a struggle, and know for sure the whole dose was administered. I had new clients over, and because of the side doors, I could trim all four feet and show the people how it is done safely. It was great to be able to get a close look at the incredible fleece they are carrying around, do body scores. It is going to save me a lot of headaches and worth every penny I spent for it. By the way, the scale is perfectly accurate.
Cathy Cathy Drennan
My Lady’s Manor Alpaca
Monkton, MD


Our table arrived in great order and it all looks fine. We will keep you in mind and I would be more than happy to link to your website. We are just getting set up on AlpacaNation now, so we don’t have a website as of yet, but I will do what I can.
Thank you so much for everything. It was great to do business with you. I will recommend you highly.
Terry and Penny Lage
1637 140th Street
Gladbrook, IA 50635
Hum Hum N’ Away

Thank you, Jay.
We got the panels today and everything went smoothly. I definitely like the powder coat finish better! We appreciate all your help and keeping us informed. I’m sure we’ll be doing business with you again in the future!

Cornerstone Farm Alpacas, LLC
Daren & Chris Wingard
Windsor, Virginia

Hello Jay,
Due to the North Eastern weather, It took us a bit of time to get our scales in, but they are now in and functioning great! It was so wonderful to see what all of our Alpacas weighed especially our pregnant moms. Now we can keep a better health record.
As you can see in one of the photos Gerry is standing rather proud next to one of our Alpacas Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of our maidens here at Littlewoods Alpaca Farm. She didn’t seem to mind our new stall and scales. We are thrilled.
Thanks for all of your help with getting the right scales and the tax exemption form as well.
Chris Root
Chris Root and Gerry Sloat
Littlewoods Alpaca Farm
Barton, NY

Hi Jay
STILL Loving the outside feeder – if inside and outside have hay they always Prefer to be outside!
What a great investment.
Karen & Jeff Nicholson
Stepping Stone Farm Alpacas
Stowe, VT 05672

Hi Jay,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I put the Alpaca chute together yesterday.
I must say that it took me no time at all, the instructions were great.
Thanks for great product and for excellent instructions.
Thanks so much for the quick delivery, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Everything came in excellent order.
I will definitely send you photos of my boys using your chute as soon as we put it together and I get them in it.
I will definitely kept you in mind for future purchases and also will recommend you to others.
Thanks again,
Northern Star Alpacas
123 Father John Drive
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
570 698 6905

Good Morning Jay:
We got our scale yesterday. It did arrive in great condition.
We are in the process of getting our farm up and running. Just as soon as we are finished, I would love to send you pics.
Thanks so much for such quick turn around time. Your products and prices are wonderful.
Thanks again.

Jan Kleindl
Double JJ Alpacas
12480 Tower Hill Road
Midland, VA 22728

Hi Jay,
The chute was fabulous for ultrasounds on two very uncooperative females. One pregnant, one not.

Hi Jay,
I was just going to send you a message. The chute arrived yesterday about 4PM. We are just about to assemble it. It appears to be in good order. Many thanks for your very prompt delivery of our chute. It will be a very handy piece of equipment on Tuesday for the ultrasounds. It was great talking to you and learning about the Eastern alpaca life. We at Escondido Alpacas wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Hummmmdinger of a New Year.
Escondido Alpacas
14502 FM 858
Athens, Tx. 75752
(903) 479-0152
Fax (903) 479-0189

Hi Jay,
The cria gates have come in handy this year, not only because I feed the 4 crias in a stall with the gate but also because I had a mama on stall rest following leg surgery, and her month-old cria could nurse and then run off with his buddies. Mama could see him, and there was no stress for any of us.
Happy New Year!
Pam Harwood
Longwoods Alpaca Farm, LLC.
135 Main Street
Cumberland, ME 04021
Phone: (207) 829-4159
E-mail: pdh@longwoodsalpacas.com

I just came in from setting up the panels. They are perfect, thank you!
Not what I had in my head, a little more light weight, but much better because I can easily manage them by myself. Perfect, just perfect!
The timing could not be better with all the rain coming our way…
Karen Hoffman
Tall Oak Farm
163 King Hill Rd.
Francestown, NH 03043
603 547-3131

Good evening Jay…
Thanks for the follow through on my order. It shows you are a good business man and I enjoy doing business with people that care for their customers. I did receive my order and all was fine.

Good evening Jay…
I did receive my latch. Thank you very much. I did get the chute together, and immediately used it for nine alpacas on health maintenance day. I have to admit, my wife Terrie is the one that does the health maintenance (nail trimming, shot giving, etc…) for our alpacas and after each and every one of the animals this week…she actually stated…”thank you so much for getting us this chute…this is so much easier than trying to hold them still…!!!” I make such good impressions on my wife this way…last year I got her a manure spreader for our anniversary…this year an alpaca chute! That’s why I love her so much…:-) I will forward some pictures of the chute, panels, and gates in use as soon as I down load them from the camera. Thanks again for your service…I have already recommended you to another friend who is just getting into the business. My guess is that you will receive another order from the Capon Bridge area very soon.
Bear Garden Farms
Greg and Terrie Reynolds
Frog Eye Rd. Capon Bridge, WV 26711
Farm Phone 304-856-1502
email: info@beargardenfarms.com
web site:www.beargardenfarms.com

BTW my vet is totally impressed with your panels – she thinks they are great – the best she’s seen.
Arlene & Frank Bartholomew
46 Sanford Rd
Southbury, CT 06488


Hello Jay,
Here’s some pictures (click here to see them)of your green panels being put to good use. I just purchased these from you @ the Empire show. We had our Open House Nov. 5th. They worked great, everybody loved to get up close and personal with the alpacas.
Thanks for your assistance.
Happy Holidays!!

Clay Leibold
Pine Creek Alpacas
600 Lake Front Dr
Orwigsburg, PA 17961


The following is a quote from Maine’s Belmont Farm Alpacas’ Blog on May 3, 2006.

“We purchased a Shearing Table from Jay Ward at Ward Lumber & Light Livestock Equipment. Jay was great to work with, always quick to return emails and answer questions. This is the same table the Mingles use at Mt. Brook so it worked well.
We had two tables going at all times. While one animal was on the table being shorn, another was receiving procedures: toenails, shots and teeth.”
To read the whole entry click here.

Hello Jay,
The order arrived today. Wow! You can’t beat that for service. Thanks for all you help.
Claire Baksa
617 Lebanon Rd
Winterport, ME

Jay’s note: shipping time is next day to most of Maine as well as New York  & New England

As a matter of fact the scale came yesterday. Is still in the box because my barn is not yet ready. I will let you know once I use the scale on my animals (33 Huacayas) that are arriving at the end of next week. I complement you in your service responsiveness!!!

Alexander Candelario
Cameo Ranch
4874 Old Lehmann Rd
Kingsbury, TX 78638

Thanks Jay for the panels. I was looking at horse panels until a fellow alpaca farmer gave me your name. These panels go beyond my expectations! I am able to move them around myself which allows me to reconfigure without catching my husband before or after work. I have used them to set up chutes for vet visits, small grazing areas, a winter yard and barn stalls. I know they will also come in handy for events or shows. I could not have ended up with such a great set up without all your help thru email and phone conversations. Thanks for the hand holding for this new alpaca farmer! I look forward to the arrival of the feeders.

Karen Nicholson
Stepping Stone Farm Alpacas
842 Barnes Hill Road
Stowe, Vermont 05672

We love the scale and can’t believe we lived this long without it!! Thanks for the great service, Jay.
Karil Gray
Grazing Hills Alpacas
1042 Four Mile Road
Viola, ID 83872

We got your message, Jay, and yes, the scale surgery appears to have been successful.
My husband agrees — you provide wonderful customer service, and we do appreciate!
Grazing Hills Alpacas

Hi Jay –
The panels arrive day before yesterday. They look just great!! All I need are the alpacas, which should be arriving sometime next week. Please let me know once the gate comes in before you ship it – I might want to add a few more panels.
Thank you for your prompt shipping and courteous service.
Hope to see you at an upcoming show.
I’m seriously considering attending your NeoNatal Seminar if I can get someone to take care of my animals.
Thanks, Jay!! I’m sure we’ll be talking soon.

Arlene & Frank Bartholomew
46 Sanford Rd
Southbury, CT 06488

These panels are so much easier for me to manage vs the larger horse panels we have.
Even though they are lighter weight, your panels are still sturdy and the webbed fencing keeps crias and puppies in.

Chris & Steve Mills
Outback Alpacas
Spencerport, NY

I’m in need of another Tooth-a-Matic. I let my shearer use mine and he loved it so much he bought it from me.
Pam Fife
Windy Hollow Alpacas
Logan, UT

Jay –
Thanks for the quick turn-around.

Josh & Trish Hanson
Eureka Alpaca Suri Ranch
Northfield, MN 55057
Jay’s note: We shipped Jason’s order the same day.
We can’t always do this but we sure aim to please!

Hi Jay,
I wanted to let you know that I received your email. I will get a check out this week. Thank you for all your help and information. It really made things easy.
Lavender Ridge Alpaca Farm, LLC
8484 Chestnut Ridge Road
Gasport, NY 14067

I just wanted to say that this year was our first year with our Tooth-a-Matic and it was so wonderful! we did it while our shearer was working, and between my smaller plate and her larger we were able to do everyone who needed it in record time. When you are shearing 20 or more in one day, it is really a blessing to have teeth trimming be so quick. What a difference from the dremel! We figured we saved at least $900 since we bought it last year. Between the actual charge for trimming, meds to calm them down (which we haven’t had to use at all with the Tooth-a-Matic, in fact we even use it during herd health day without the restraints of the shearing table) gas to the vet, and after care for stress, it really adds up. No relation here, just a happy customer!


Black Magic Alpaca Ranch
Honesty, Integrity, Quality
Wyatt & Rachelle Black
P.O. Box 457
6500 Digier Road
Lebec, CA 93243

I used my new chute yesterday to finish shearing a llama that wouldn’t cooperate.  just so you know she fit in the chute fine just a little hang out the back but she went right in and the straps and clips held her with out a problem even as she tried to lay down in protest.

Thanks for the great product.

Scott Stewart
Way Out West Alpaca Ranch
Wickenburg, AZ
Way Out West Alpaca Ranch

We have a Tooth-A-Matic and WE LOVE IT, it’s so fast and easy to use, it makes them sooo much happier to have the proper teeth trimming and that makes US so much happier, thanks so much for making this!

Sandy Kunath

“We received the chute. My husband said it went together easily and the instructions were easy to follow. We are very pleased with the quality. It appears to be very sturdy and I’m sure we will get much use out of it over the years.”

Linda Shipley
Kalamazoo, MI

“You will be our guy for light livestock equipment – no question. Your attitude and customer support are excellent – and we really appreciate that.”

Tara Wolcott-Dahlgren & Craig Dahlgren
Wayfarer Farm
Shoreham, VT

I have used many of the products offered by AuSable Valley Alpacas and LightLivestockEquipment.com. Just recently I used my chute for the first time when I had a problem with a nursing Mom and cria. The panels and gates are light weight, movable, easy to store, and work perfectly as an adjunct to my fencing. I have just fashioned a wonderful birthing pen with them, which is in great demand by all who discover it, pregnant or not. I also highly recommend the cria gate….it totally works.

Jay is always courteous and accommodating. From the order to the delivery, all goes very smoothly and I feel I can count on LightLivestockEquipment.com to get the job done in a timely manner. On several occasions, Jay has gone out of his way to source out a product for me when he, himself, did not have it. I call that service of the highest order.

Judith Zimbalist
Chatham Center, New York

“We really like the feeders!  The hay waste has cut way down, and so keeps things cleaner.”

Tim & Nancy Whitens
Willow Creek Farm Alpacas
390 Lakeshore Rd.
Fulton, NY 13069
“Breeding Ever Higher, Business With Integrity”

The panels have been great.

We needed them for shearing day so each farm could have a nice space for their alpacas to hang until shorn.  One of our friends was duly impressed.  They were able to park the trailer, make a little pen on the grass and have their alpacas have the trailer and pen as their keeping area.

AD White is loving his creep gate, so now he can get all the grain he needs, and I like the fact that they are so lightweight.

Kimberly Davidson
Big Red Alpacas
Greene, RI
Big Red Alpacas

If you’re looking for a really good person to deal with when you’re hundreds of miles away from them, then Jay is a guy you should have listed in your phone card index.  I was pleasantly surprised at his professionalism and his pro-active follow up…..
Find the complete text of Andy Galligan’s blog entry by clicking here.

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the panels and gates that we got from you. We think they have an elegant look to them. We used them for an extra pasture while the grass was trying to recover. We had a VT Master Gardener Garden Tour at our home and they looked so nice! I will be happy to show off my panels to anyone who wants to look at them!!!
Charlene & Gary Clifford
Pine Cliff Alpacas
West Rutland, VT