Scale Trouble Shooting

PS Series Scale Trouble Shooting (same for SCALESCO scales)

When scale issues arise there are a number of simple things that could be wrong. First inspect all the wiring for breaks; run your hand along the wire looking for rodent chew marks, breaks, and other damage. If the wires all seem to be fine your next step is to inspect the wire connection points. One can inspect the solder joints of the scale by removing the two small screws from each end of the snap coupler that is located at the ends of your base cord and your indicator cord. Once you have removed the screws; the back half of the coupler will unthread, exposing the attached wires. Please see pictures below, also below is the solder pattern for rewiring if your wires have been pulled out.

Pin post #1 red & yellow wires
Pin post #2 black & blue wires
Pin post #3 green wire
Pin post #4 white wire

When calling in with other issues please have your serial number and scale model handy. These can be found on the back of your indicator or your scale base. 1-866-999-2821

* Note we cannot trouble shoot if you are not in front of your scale.